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A favourite trail in Hi Knoll Park, Langley, BC

A favourite trail in Hi Knoll Park, Langley, BC

I wish it weren’t necessary to bring you this message, but I know Norma wouldn’t have wanted to leave her cyber friends in limbo, wondering why she was no longer posting here. She would have said a personal goodbye if she could, and told you all how much she valued your friendship, and appreciated your many visits and encouraging comments.

But Norma left us last Thursday morning after a fall from which she never regained consciousness.

Our hearts ache with the loss, but also rejoice for her. Her faith has taken her beyond the bend in the trail and into the glorious light of eternity with her Lord. – C.G.




A memorial service was held on
Sunday, January 25, 2015
in the Chapel at the Evergreen Care Home
where Norma had been living in
White Rock, BC



May 9, 1923  –  January 8, 2015

(Photo by Ra McGuire)

(Photo by Ra McGuire)


“Come to me,
all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.”

[Matthew 11:28] 


Time Passing.

Time Passing.

My son and I were talking about old times this afternoon….brought back lots of memories. Maybe I’ve already written about these things before… I don’t know.

Back in the old times…I was sixteen. I had been wearing hand-me-down clothes for a few years because there just was no money around.

I picked strawberries… for one cent a pound, and they had to be hulled as we picked because they were for jam. The  most I ever picked in a day was 146 pounds, and got $1.46  for the whole days work.

I drew Christmas cards for ten cents each, or a dollar a dozen.

And I learned how to play a 24 base accordion that my brother gave me. Turns out he bought it on time, and didn’t pay for it. They came to take it away, but my Dad payed the amount owing and I got to keep it. Later on I had a 120 base accordion.

The community at Otter had a Whist and Dance every Saturday night. They played Whist for two hours, then danced for two hours.  The accordion player was leaving and that left just the drummer.

They asked me to take his place…so every Saturday night I played for two hours, and made $2.00

I eventually had enough money to buy a beautiful plum coloured coat. I was so proud of that coat!

Looking Back

Looking Back

You probably have heard of the Advent calendar…with a treat for every day as you wait for the arrival of Christmas. Mostly for children.

Well, my niece and her husband came for a visit yesterday. They brought me an advent calendar…..except it isn’t a calendar. It’s a whole box full of goodies. Today, package number three brought a  lovely ceramic Christmas tree, all decorated…..and you know what? it’s a music box!! Wow! I love it!

It brings memories flooding back. And they didn’t know that it would.

When my husband and I first started going together, and our first Christmas came around….what do you think he gave me?

Yep… a music box to hold my powder puff…things like that were used in those days! I’ve got enough memories running through my head to last for the rest of the day…maybe even 2_2

Photo from Carol J. Garvin

Here For A Good Time!

Good Time.

“We’re here for a good time…not a long time…. The sun can’t shine every day.;

“When you don’t like what you’ve got, why don’t you change it?”

Words from a couple  of  “Trooper” songs…written by my son, Ra, some time ago.

When is the ‘good time’ over? And where do we go from here? I have many thoughts running around in my head…trying to give me the answer to a few of my questions. Like…Why have I been here on this earth?

My son Ra and I had a two hour meeting with a nurse today for her to tell me what my new classification will mean…and what they can do to make me comfortable. I have now been placed in “Palliative”.

photo 1

Ra and I


Popcorn Balls

A Fall Day

It’s Hallowee’n today. All the little ones will be out gathering treats…or giving out tricks. The sad part is that it is raining and doesn’t look like it will clear up. Fog has rolled in, and it even looks like a Hallowee’n day

Do  you remember when your kids were little and they went door to door…. when they were too small to go alone! All the excitement of having a costume. My husband was good at making costumes, and each year we saved the three costumes, and the following  year when kids came to the door without  a costume, they would leave our place dressed in one if these.

He was also good at painting faces… so before it was time to go out, they came to our place and he would paint their faces.

We lived in a section of Vancouver called Fraserview…

there were at least two kids in every home, a stipulation of our rental agreement, and they were Veterans homes.   We would have well over a hundred kids. As time went by  some of those kids became too old to go door to door, so we didn’t have to supply quite as many treats.

I started making popcorn balls. It took me quite a while to make enough, but well worth it as the kids appreciated them.

When we were moving away from there, one little boy knocked at my door.  He said “My mom told me that you are moving away. Do you suppose that you could give me your recipe for the popcorn balls that  you give us at Hallowee’n?”

Popcorn Balls     (microwave)

1cup sugar
1/3 cup light corn syrup
1/3 cup water
1/4 cup margarine or butter
1/2 cup popping corn, popped

Combine first four ingredients  in micro safe casserole Cover with plastic wrap. Micro High 6 minutes. Stir. Microwave uncovered for 4 minutes. 235 degrees F (*soft ball). If not to this point, High for another 2 minutes.

Place popped corn in large buttered bowl. Pour syrup in a thin stream over popped corn. Stir well. Rub hands with butter to form balls. Place on waxed paper. Wrap in waxed paper to give  out.

Makes 12 to 15 balls

It  looks like it is clearing up. The rain has stopped, the fog has gone away, and the sky is brightening.. The little kids will be happy!



For more than two weeks now, we have been putting up with one elevator  to move us  up and down as we need to travel up and down, or meals andw activities.  It has become more annoying as each day goes by.

I probably told  you that we had a new, five Star chef,,,,boy, is she good. Last night at supper was a ‘topper’ as far as I’m concerned.

Souvlaki, Tzatziki  (spelling?) and a Greek Salad…with her home made ice cream, which was served in either a bowl or a cone! Talk about delicious! Things are looking up around here!

My niece and her husbands’ black Lab became ill on the weekend, and had to be put down.    Reading her blog about Tynan brought back memories from our little ‘Skippy’. His legs were so short he had to skip to get up the curb. He was a ‘Heintz 57 breed’……you know, a mixture!1978:00:00 Our dog, Skippy.JPG

Shortly after we put a new carpet in the front room, my husband ended up with a broken leg. He was lying on the chesterfield… and called Skippy to come to him. Now Skippy knew that he was not allowed on that new carpet. He also knew he had to ‘come’ when he was called.  What                                was he to do?

You could almost see the wheels turning in his head!

There was an easy chair between the couch and the hall. So, Skippy jumped up on that chair and walked across it and right over to the couch…and  on up to the other end and gave my husband a big LICK. He did not touch the carpet!

Prayers, Please!

JAnicePrayers, please

My dear friend, Janice, has had Parkinsons for many years..She copes. Now she has other complications, and is back in the hospital, where she had a procedure just a couple of months ago.

Please, my dear friends, please pray for her.

Flowers On Display

Flowers on Display.

Along with the Fall decorations that I used in my last post, we have a basket full hanging on the wall. I took a picture, but I was sitting on my motorized chair…and the basket  is not straight… and I cant remember how to straighten it! Tilt your head just a little and that will straighten it for you!Fall decorations

Have you seen those Phony flowers? They come in all shapes and sizes. We have some of those, but also ‘live’ plants. The real thing!

Time to wander!….

My friend Janice has two green thumbs… and she loves her ‘garden’. A lot of it is in large pots out on her deck, but more fill up the spaces in her suite. She is generous in sharing, and when there is something special in smaller containers, she takes them down to the craft room, or the main lobby for all of us to enjoy.

Amarillas 1Right now she has three fabulous Amaryllas in bloom!

They all belong to the ‘WOW’ family! All three are on display where we can enjoy them. She was really pleased to get the photos I took for her records.amrillas3 copy

I am so thankful  that I had figured out how to use my camera in time to get photos in the past couple of days.ama3

I have just started taking pictures while sitting in my ‘mobile’ chair…not that easy! I do stand up to take some of them, but I am a bit shaky working that way.

Today is Thanksgiving, and is a holiday. We had our turkey dinner and stuffing with pumpkin pie at noon yesterday…At supper tonight we had a delightful surprise. Cream cheese and lox on a croissant. Our new Chef is really making a difference!

Fall Season

Fall Season

Something much brighter than what I have been writing about…you know, elevators that don’t elevate. or descend!

This is the fall season here in Canada… not sure what season it is where you live! Our Thanksgiving Day is Sunday. We have decorations up all over the lobby, dining room and Tree Top Lounge (on the main floor).

Here I go…all over the place again. Come on along!

I haven’t used my camera in a long time. The camera was not broken…but the cord thing that I plugged into it would allow me to transfer my photos to the computer quite easily. Well, then I had to use the card thing…. and that took a while for me to find out (through my son) how to use that. And even more time to know how to transfer them.

Believe it or not…I finally figured it out a few minutes ago!fall dec 1

So what has that got to do with fall decorations?

When I was down for supper, I took my camera along, and snapped a few photos so I could test it out. I hope you enjoy seeing these handsome fellows.fall dec 2y

As I wrote this a few days ago, it is  bit out of place…Today is Thanksgiving day! Will save the rest for a new post!

Would You Believe?

Would you believe?

After our elevator was ‘out of order’ for a week, it finally got ‘fixed’ after lunch on Monday.

So there is Tuesday, followed by today, Wednesday. By the time we were ready to go down to the dining room for lunch…. same elevator was OUT OF ORDER once again!

I hope we don’t have to wait another week before it is working at it’s job, and doing it properly! Coming home from supper I was trying to get off at my floor…2nd Avenue as we call it…No one would move enough so I ended up on eighth floor, then back down to two. People are getting short tempered! That doesn’t include me of course!

I mentioned supper. Reminds me of the potato salad we had. It isn’t made here, but brought in from the supplier. I had never had potato salad like it before until I came here…..Potatoes, with a few tiny bits of celery and red pepper, and salad dressing. That’s Potato salad here. NO EGG and NO ONION! The best parts of potato salad!

Frustration…It is now Friday again….it was fixed twice, and is now back “out of order”.