Sunday Pursuits

It’s Sunday. When I was little, we were not allowed to do anything on Sundays. Oh yes, I could colour in my colouring book, but that was it.  Nobody played cards on Sunday! We went to Church … Ryerson United Church. My dad helped lay the cornerstone when the new church was built. Reverend Braden was the minister.

When I was sixteen, I picked strawberries at one cent a pound. They were jam berries so we had to hull them as we picked. The girl across the road picked with me, but when Sunday came along, she was not allowed to go. I went and picked 147 pounds, the most I ever picked in a day. I said it was more of a crime if we let the berries rot, than it was to pick them.


Strawberry Photo by happykanppy

6 thoughts on “Sunday Pursuits

  1. I enjoy your writing style. We could be chatting over a cup of tea or coffee. Your warm memories create pictures in my mind. Blessings to you, Noni.

    • And Blessings to you, Carol Ann. Shall I pour another cup?
      Thanks for your kind comment… this is all new to me, so I need all the encouragement that your comments bring me.

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