More Sunday Musings

As mentioned yesterday, it was Sunday. Went to the Church service in the morning, and it was Communion. Then there was a wonderful “lunch”. Actually, we have dinner at lunch time. This time it was roast pork, gravy, applesauce, roasted potatoes, and a mixed vegetable of yellow and green beans and baby carrots. That’s called the PEI mix … must be from Prince Edward Island!  And, to finish it off, there was lemon meringue pie!

We always have a special lunch on Sunday, with pie for dessert. Supper time on Sunday is not always that wonderful. It’s getting better, though … we have soup to start every evening meal, and now there’s a choice of two different ones.

Sunday morning I decided a potato salad would be pretty good with whatever we would be having for supper, so got busy and had the ingredients all ready so I just had to mix everything together before I went down to the dining room. I shared it with one of my good friends, Janice.

My afternoon was slow and easy. Was watching a bit of TV when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find one of the other tenants standing there. He said, “Special delivery,” and handed me some Purdy’s chocolates and a card! He was thanking me for a Christmas CD that I had made and given to him a few days ago. Such a little thing gave him so much pleasure that he brought me chocolates!

Every Christmas I make a new and different Christmas CD to give to some of my friends. That’s what Christmas should be about … not expensive presents, but little things that bring happiness to someone that you care about, or might even love. Merry Christmas!



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