Christmas Baking

In an email I received this morning, my niece mentioned that she would be able to get at her Christmas baking today.

There are still a few days left, so maybe I will be able to do mine! I don’t know.

Over the years I have baked a LOT of Christmas cookies: Shortbread, Candy Canes, Almond Crescents, Chocolate Crinkles, Sugar Cookies, Bird’s Nests, Lucien Angel cookies, Swedish Peparkakar, and Gingerbread houses! And that’s just the Christmas ones.  The last few years I have baked some of these recipes, and taken them along to our McGuire family gathering. That gathering this year is five days away, on the 18th.

1959 - Donated to an orphanage in New Westminster

I have made two gingerbread houses, from scratch. The first one we took to an orphanage to teach our boys to share. The second one was made because Danny asked me to make one for his class party.

With that one, I made extra cookies and put them inside the house so there would be lots for the class to eat. Danny was quite excited about eating the gingerbread house, so never ate any of the other food. He was saving up to eat gingerbread. When it got time to eat it, the teacher decided to send it to Children’s Hospital … and Danny came home hungry!

1961 - Donated to Children's Hospital

I’m still debating whether or not this will be the first time that I haven’t baked anything for Christmas. Nor made peanut brittle and Almond Roca as I have been doing each year.

Like the lyrics of the Trooper song, written and composed by my son, Ra, “Two for the show, and my mother wants to go; it will break her heart when I tell her she’s too old.”

Am I too old?



11 thoughts on “Christmas Baking

  1. Gingerbread – what a concept!
    One Christmas I got a tin of shortbread cookies, a bottle of scotch, and a book by Farley Mowat called “The Boat that wouldn’t Float”. So some days after Christmas I spent most of a whole day eating the cookies and drinking scotch (shortbread cookies and scotch go really well together!) and laughing my head off while reading that funny book.
    And “too old?” – I’ve just recently come to the conclusion that there’s only really one age, and we’re all that same age – alive!
    But baking must be a satisfying thing to do.
    All the best Norma!

    • That was supposed to read “sure”…couldn’t figure out how to correct the typo after posted…I’m a new to this game myself…

  2. I am really enjoying your blog – just dumped out my Tim Horton’s coffee and made a tea to keep in theme.

    You’re never too old Norma. I still coach baseball for 16-18 year olds and take part in all of the practices – I might ache for days but not to old.

    I had no idea what a Peparkakar was until I Googled it, they look tasty!

    I hope you have a great day.

  3. Too old?? Never say too old! Moses got his first real assignment from God at age 80 and was still at it forty years later. Too old, indeed!!

    Now about the baking, it depends on where your priority lies. If there are other things that you prefer to do with your time, let someone else do the baking. For years, I hand dipped chocolates for my family. Now I prefer to spend my time and energy writing and editing. My middle daughter is doing the chocolates. If we are to hand down our traditions, there comes a time to let the younger generation take them over.

    But your list of baked goods had my mouth watering. I’d love to help you with the Peparkakar and maybe whip up a few Spritz to go with them. Lots of kitchen memories here.

  4. Of course you’re not too old! Anyone who can accomplish as much in a day as you do, can’t possibly be old. The way you do it, baking isn’t something associated with youth or age anyway, but with talent and artistry. And you know about art — it’s one of those things you have to be in the mood for. So if you get inspired with the energy and ambition, you’ll bake something; and if you don’t, your family can bake for themselves! (Hey, you can always take fruit cake!) 😉

  5. What a tea party today!
    Greg, you had me laughing out loud as I visualized the scene that you wrote about! Thanks for stopping by.
    Norman, do you take cream or sugar, or both? Thanks for stopping by … and I don’t know how to correct a typo, either. My niece has to give me some lessons after Christmas.
    Philip… I got a good laugh out of you exchanging your Tim Hortons for tea. Glad you could join us… and thanks for your comments.
    Judith, what a friend you have turned out to be… giving me a good reason for not baking.. let the younger generation take over so I can have fun doing my thing! I had the recipe out and thought I would make my Whipped shortbread… it’s easy. But then my very small grocery order was delivered and I was tired out after putting it away. And it was very small. Thanks for your visit, and what do you take in your tea… I forgot already?!
    And Carol! You suggested I could take fruit cake… you mean the one that you made and brought to me? No Way!
    Thanks to each of you for coming by. It is very encouraging for me who is so new at this “writing thing”. Stop by any time and I’ll put the kettle on!

  6. Hi Norma –
    You are not too old. If you want to bake something, you will. If you want to spend your time doing something else you enjoy more – that will be fine with everyone who loves you so much.

  7. Thanks Heather… and I love you too! Don’t tell anyone that when they drop by here, they have to make the tea… and bring the cookies! I’ll help by telling you where everything is!. The peanut butter ones are awesome, and Gary loved them, too.

  8. No, no and NO! 😉 Norma, I’m convinced you could run rings around me at anything you choose to turn a hand to! I’m loving your new blog … just subscribed!

    The annual baking of the applesauce cakes has been handed down to me now and I just can’t seem to get it exactly like my mom’s no matter what I do! A couple of the fave Christmas coookies that we couldn’t do without are Russian Teacakes and chocolate oatmeal fudge. I’m on the way this morning to bake with my girls and grands! It’s been an incredibly busy holiday season – hope I get time for pics of it all! In case I don’t get into Flickr – Merry Christmas to you and yours, Norma!!

  9. Welcome, Susan! I’m so pleased that you joined us for tea, or was it coffee? Thank you for subscribing, and especially for your comment. Happy baking day with your girls. And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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