Christmas Tree Decorations

The downstairs of the apartment block where I live is made up of the lobby, dining room, lounge area and some office rooms. There are Christmas decorations all over the place. Even one area with a purple poinsettia, and some purple mesh-like material draped around. Not to my liking … it’s not Traditional.  The lady responsible for it told one of the tenants that she was trying to educate us; we needed to make changes!

When you’re as old as some of us are, you don’t want anyone to mess with your traditions! We have three tenants that are over 100 years old! (No, I’m not one of them, yet!)

When I downsized, and moved here five years ago, my decorations didn’t make the move. Mice had got into them where they were stored in the crawl space, so better not to bring them here. I have a wreath on the door, and a small poinsettia (a red one!) on my table.

There was a Santa Claus light bulb that had been on my tree ever since I was about fourteen. There were hand made clothespin dolls and soldiers, quilted stars, animals made out of felt, and some bells made out of beads, and crocheted “stars”. They were all things that I made. Then I had some store bought corn husk dolls that I loved. I think those were what attracted the mice!

I don’t have any of those decorations any more, but I do have very fond memories of making them, and of hanging them on our tree each year. And some of them are now on the trees that my three sons decorate each year.



9 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. They should save the purple for Easter! 😀 Imagine wanting to “educate” seniors. That is the biggest joy I have in my job – to *learn* from THEM!
    Hugs! 🙂

  2. Thanks Heather… glad you got here in time for tea…I waiting for Danny to pick me up to take me to our Christmas gathering of the McGuire clan!
    He has to take his first load and drop them off, then come and get me. It’s’ our Christmas and it will be so wonderful to see all of my family together!

  3. The lobby does look festive, purple not withstanding. Your wreath is a lovely welcome, too. I hope your Christmas gathering today was wonderful … a special time shared with your family.

  4. I’m the same way Norma, very traditional. I don’t even begin to feel right until I hear a good version of O Holy Night being played. Educated … just a way of saying you are being forced to change. I love the wreath!

  5. Phllip? We had a lovely time together. Ra and Debbie are the perfect Host and Hostess. And, L will be going there again on Christmas day to celebrate with Debbie’s family.

  6. Purple does seem like a strange colour for Christmas but then I do not follow tradition either with my Christmas tree.It is done in white,silver and pink as it matches my living room decor.I agree imagine educating seniors,in all my years working in the nursing home Nipissing Manor the residents there taught me so much about life and aging and enjoying the moment.
    Happy holidays Norma! Hope you enjoy your time with the McGuire clan!Keep shining!

  7. Hi Dianne! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate eery one I receive. Being very new at this blogging, I need all the encouragement I can get!

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