Writing Aspirations

I am now officially an aspiring author. Congratulations are in order. I have received my first rejection slip for my manuscript, JOHNNY AND MR.FREDERICKS. That proves I have written a manuscript, a synopsis and a query letter, and that in itself is quite an accomplishment for me!

Now, I have to have patience while I await a reply that accepts Johnny …  and there is one out there. Johnny will be published! Just mark my words!



9 thoughts on “Writing Aspirations

  1. Good for you, Noni! A rejection indeed proves that you are a writer and very likely an excellent author. Many masterpieces have been rejected thoroughly before being published, which shows that some masterpieces may remain unpublished. I say that writers are authors, duly recognized or not. I enjoy your blog posts, Noni. Blessings to you…

  2. Carol Ann, thanks for stopping by, and especially for your comment. I do appreciate your taking time out from a busy Christmas time schedule. I look forward to seeing more of your visits.

    Jean, I appreciate your visit. Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, I have an attitude, and it’s a good one! Johnny will be published!

  3. Yes, some of the most wonderful classics were rejected hundreds of times. At nightschool, we had an entire class devoted to rejection and it was hilarious to read the various notices! 😀 You are indeed a writer and author in your own right! Or is that “in your own write?” 🙂

  4. Hi Heather! That’s both! I was just finishing a cup of tea. but you can make another pot. Thanks for coming by and I love our comments!

  5. Thank you Judith! That is exactly what we need. POSITIVE thinking! Great to see you came back. Pour yourself a cup of tea and visit for a while!

  6. Norma,
    Glad to hear that you are not giving up hope on Johnny & Mr Fredrick’s being published.I know that many other authors have had their books also rejected and it is like you said you just have to find the right one.You continue to be an inspiration to me with all you do,writing,sketching,painting & writing.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours.Also wishing you good health,happiness & God’s blessings now and throughout 2012.Continue being that shining light that you are Norma!

  7. Welcome to my blog, Dianne! Did you get a cup of tea? stay and chat for a while.
    Thanks for your comment… I do appreciate each and every one.

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