When we signed the contract to move in here, it included lunch and dinner. You had to look after your own breakfast. Many of us still do.

When our “new” manager first came, about two, maybe three years ago, he added a Continental breakfast, no extra charge. There is tea, coffee, juices, and either muffins, scones or toast, with jam, honey or peanut butter. Often it’s raisin bread to toast. It’s a bit of a gathering place for some, a chance to socialize.  I go down once in a while, but don’t stay for long.

Some were taking their cup of coffee home, but too many times there were spills in the elevators, so that had to be stopped. It was still allowed if you had a container with a top on it.

Some were taking two-cup containers down and filling them to take home…. But what I heard about at lunch time is almost unbelievable. One person took their coffeepot down and filled it! No wonder they were running out of coffee!

I guess there’s one in every crowd!



4 thoughts on “Unbelievable!

  1. Ha! Clever, if not exactly social-conscious. I have quite a coffee addiction myself these days, so I can kind of understand the need. A bit too boldly selfish for my taste, but caffeine can make you do strange things.

  2. A sad commentary on greed – receive a “gift” then clobber the donor. You see the same thing in Mexico at the all-inclusives: visitors taking huge steins for the free booze, and leaving mountains of food on their plates at the buffet. Thankfully, their numbers are small and hopefully they won’t ruin it for the rest of the good folks. Cheers!

  3. Joel, Glad to have you return… thanks for your comment… will you join us for tea and a cookie?

    Heather, it is sad when greed takes over for such a very small gain!!

    Pour yourself a cup of tea and have a cookie.

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