Johnny and Mr. Fredericks

When our three sons were small, my husband told them bedtime stories, making them up as he went along. He had a great imagination, and the boys loved his stories.

I thought they were wonderful, too, so I would write them down. I didn’t know shorthand, so just had to write as fast as I could. I saved those stories for many years, until one day when I got a computer and a word processing program. I typed them, and ran three copies … one for each of my sons.

They each read them to their children, and the result was they all asked for more stories.

My husband got his imagination out and started putting more adventures on paper … but it all ran together like one long paragraph! No punctuation. No paragraph breaks. No quotation marks around conversations. I had to do that as I added my new material to the original 25 or so pages.

JOHNNY AND MR. FREDERICKS grew to almost 38,000 words that are full of adventures, with treasure maps, pirates, a note in a bottle, rescues, dragons, ‘Graystone’ the mouse, and a dancing bear.

It has been illustrated, edited, and polished with the help of two writer friends, Carol and Heather, who both thought it should be published.  As I mentioned earlier this week, it is now out there looking for a publisher, with one rejection slip to prove that I’ve produced a manuscript!

If you would like to learn a bit more about JOHNNY AND MR. FREDERICKS, click here to take a look at Johnny’s website.




8 thoughts on “Johnny and Mr. Fredericks

  1. Thanks for your comment , Heather. It really will be a gift from my family to all those who take advantage of the chance to get JOHHNY AND MR. FREDERICKS!

    Thanks for dropping by and enjoying a cup of tea with me. Love those cookies, don’t you?

  2. It’s nice to have the background provided for your readers. Most Mondays there will be a fresh message from Johnny on his website, too, with glimpses into the story. 🙂

  3. Dear Norma,
    Your husband sounds like a wonderful man who could tell a great bedtime story.How smart of you to write things down. What child doesn’t love pirates and treasure maps and dragons! The right publisher just hasn’t found you yet and when they do they will be the lucky ones. Here to you my dear friend.Thanks for the cup of tea and short bread cookies.Maybe next time we could have some eggnog with some rum in it,after all it is the season to be jolly!

  4. Hi Dianne, pour yourself a cup of tea and get a few cookies. Nice to have you visit and I enjoy your comments. Maybe some egg nog next time, but no rum added to it in my place… sorry about that.

  5. That is quite alright Norma,I really don’t like rum anyway.I would be glad just to sit and chat and look through your artwork and get some pointers and hear some of your amazing stories.
    Happy holidays Norma to you and yours.May God’s blessing continue to shine on you and yours!

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