A New Tenant

Around here, we have a lot of people that move in after others have moved on.

A few months ago a new woman arrived. A rather large woman that makes herself known. She likes things to be HER way.

We have a beautiful old cactus plant that sits just inside the door of the craft room, on the counter, where it gets light from the fluorescent light above it. It has bloomed almost constantly all year, a very happy plant. There is a designated person that waters it and feeds it when needed.

New woman … let’s call her Wanda as that is NOT her name. I don’t want any trouble! Wanda went in when no one was around and removed our plant from its home and put it up, way up, on top of a cupboard that houses the jigsaw puzzles. Later, she pointed it out to one of the jigsaw people.

Well, that plant is now back in it’s rightful place … but Wanda seems to have a penchant for trouble!

Her next move?

There was a large, sealed brown envelope on the front desk in the lobby. It was addressed to our owner. Wanda spotted it, and curiosity got the better of her … she wanted to know what was inside!

She took the envelope home and opened it!

She found a lot of pictures inside it, so thought it might be mine. She came looking for me, leaving the envelope upstairs in her suite. No, it wasn’t mine, but I told her she had no business opening it! The pictures were then given to the Manager.

If Wanda continues with her escapades, she might find that she gets herself into a lot of trouble!



8 thoughts on “A New Tenant

  1. Hi Claude! Thanks for your comment, although I won’t add my feelings to it! Her conduct is unbelievable. Thanks for coming by. Did you get one of those cookies with your tea? I made them myself… the only batch that I made this year.

    I hope you have been having a wonderful Christmas,and that the New Year will be the best ever.

  2. Good morning, Norma…..ooooo, I’ll have to pass on the offer of a cookie this morning. Just tea for me. Too full of Christmas Joy. 🙂

    The new tennant seems to be under the impression her “space” extends to the entire building rather than within her own suite. But, to remove envelopes and open them in her suite more than borders many infringements. Staff needs to have a discussion. Interesting development – albeit somewhat alarming.
    Happy Boxing Day! 🙂

  3. Good morning Heather. I’ll save some cookies for next time you visit! Your Christmas was wonderful, I presume, as mine was.

    I’m sure that when the holidays are over, some kind of action will be taken. I hope so. I went down for tea this morning, and she was complaining about what we get in our Continental breakfast. I told her I thought they did a wonderful job and there was no charge for it. Breakfast was not included in our rental agreement, but has been added for our enjoyment. She wanted more variety! This is the same woman that fills her coffee pot to take home!

    • OMG! Wow – I was amazed when you told me this before about the coffee pot….and it’s one and the same individual. No, she does not recognize boundaries. There is a huge misunderstanding concerning entitlement. I hope this new kid on the block doesn’t jeopardize the continental breakfasts for the rest of your neighbours. It’s just a nice bonus.

  4. Dear Norma
    It sounds like your new tenant needs to learn about other people’s rights to privacy.Hopefully she will catch on soon and not cause too many problems.Thanks for the cup of tea had to pass on the cookies as I over indulged during the holidays and I am now watching my waistline. Best wishes Norma for a wonderful 2012!

  5. Sounds like another envelope strategically planted with a “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS WANDA” note inside might do the trick! 🙂

  6. Heather, some people just don’t appreciate what we have here. She will learn, eventually.

    Dianne, too bad you had to pass up on the cookies. They were some of my Whipped Shortbread.
    Thanks for coming by and for your comment, anyway. I do appreciate it.

    Gary, that might be a good idea! Did you have a cookie with your tea? They were the kind you liked. Thanks for commenting so that I know you were visiting! Great to hear from Lynda, eh!

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