The Treasure Hunt

My husband worked in the display department of a sign shop, and was good at making “things”. Like toys… or a treasure chest!

He decided that the boys should have a treasure hunt… so he made this great treasure chest, and we began collecting ”treasure” to put in it. All the old “junk” jewelry from my collection, and that of many of the neighbours. That didn’t seem to be enough, so we got a lot of pennies to throw in as well.

Well, if there was to be a treasure hunt, there had to be a treasure map!  My husband drew the map, soaked it in tea, and then dried it out in the oven.  He rolled it up and put it in a bottle!  Next thing, he had to hide it so they could find it!

Down behind our place was a golf course, and there was an area with trees and a creek… a perfect place to find a treasure.  My brother, Clendon, was staying with us at the time. He and Mickey took the boys on a hike down into the bush, and Mickey was able to hide the bottle. Ra was digging around and just happened to find a bottle with a treasure map in it! He was so excited, as were his younger brothers.

It was too late to do any searching around, so they had to go home and wait until the next weekend when their dad was not at work.

They thought the next Saturday would never come, but it did!  Off they went to find the treasure. They even took bamboo poles along so they could set up a teepee, and they could have a fire and everything… and with a little guidance as to where he should dig, Ra found the treasure chest!

That night at bedtime, Ra came down stairs and insisted that the treasure be put outside. He was afraid that the pirates would come back to get it… really afraid! It backfired on us! We had to tell him what we had done, and he was very hard to convince. The minister was visiting, and we told him to tell Ra the truth. Even then, he was a bit skeptical!  We finally got him calmed down, and back to bed.



8 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunt

  1. Careann, pull up a chair. Yes, our sons were very lucky to have a Dad with such a great imagination, and talent. But even more than that was the fact that he wanted to “do things” for them and WITH them. I know that they have many fond memories of their Dad that will live with them forever.

  2. Norma what a wonderful story! And to think of your husband going to all that trouble so his boys could have a treasure hunt.He is one special man who left his sons many happy,wonderful memories.It is the time he spent with them that counts! A million toys could not make up for these special moments!

  3. HI Heather! Did you pour yourself a cup of tea? How about a refill for me? Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment… I do appreciate it. Isn’t it great how youngsters can accept pirates and teepees all in one story!

  4. Welcome back, Dianne. I always appreciate your comments, and your visit. Tea? Cookies?
    I think our three sons appreciate all that we did to enrich their childhood. They have many happy memories that live on.

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