Bonfires, Potatoes and Marshmallows

With three little kids it was difficult to get a place to rent where they would accept a family. Because my husband was a Veteran of the Second World War, we were able to get a brand new home in the Fraserview area of Vancouver. It was on a crescent on Muirfield drive, with no homes across the street from us, and we moved there when Ra was 3 ½, Danny was 2 and Gary 10 months old.

In the beginning we could only rent, but they were eventually put on sale, with the present renter getting first chance to buy “their” home. We bought ours right away, along with the mortgage payments. And we stayed there for 35 years. We had already paid the mortgage off, so the place was ours, free and clear.

Behind us, across the lane was open space for quite a distance, over to 54th.  Some evenings we would decide to have a potato roast. My husband would get the fire going, and all the neighbourhood kids would come running with their potato. We supplied the butter, salt and pepper. Sometimes we would have marshmallows to roast as well.

This was a good time to have a sing-a-long while we waited for the potatoes to get ready. Ra loved to sing, even at that age. Some of the neighbours would ask him to sing, and he would. One of his favourite songs was QUE SERA, SERA, by Doris Day. And all these years later he is still singing, as a composer and the lead vocalist in the band, Trooper.

February 21, 2010 - Trooper performs in BC Place for the 2010 Olympics Medal Ceremonies | Photo contributed by: S. Brule



14 thoughts on “Bonfires, Potatoes and Marshmallows

    • As Noni clarifies below, I can’t take any credit for Ra’s talent but I’m happy to be a relative of this wonderful family. They’re all talented! Our screen names are probably a little confusing — as Careann I’m actually Carol, while Noni Grace is Norma.

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Dianne, and for your comment. Ra McGuire’s Mom is Noni Grace, not Carol. HIs cousin is Carol!

    Anyway, pull up a chair, pour some tea and have a chat!

  2. What a rich famy life you had! What a great way to party without the host family being overwhelmed with expense. Thank you for sharing your life experiences. Blessings to you…

  3. I remember the times with the McGuire Boys and the potato roasts, remember playing Robin Hood in the back forest and many other adventures, look forward to readying more.

    Love the write-ups, brings back many memories.

    (one of the Martindale Girls)

  4. Hi, Norma – just catching up this morning. 🙂 I read the posting yesterday but wanted to check out the link to Trooper. I’m so out of the music scene but when I asked the girls in the office, they’d all heard of the group and grinned from ear to ear. The music you played for me was fabulous.
    Thank you so much for this story – you certainly had some terrific parenting ideas!
    And, a huge thank you for the lovely New Years wishes. They were the best and I know from the heart. May your New Year bring you all things wonderful. Hugs!

  5. Carol Ann Hoel, thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy and appreciate your comments. Pour a cup of tea, have a cookie , and join in the conversation. May your New Year be filled with His blessings.

  6. OH, Lynda! It was so wonderful to get a phone call from your mom last night.. and equally as wonderful to have you visit and comment!. I was just talking to Gary,and when I delivered a message from your mom he asked if I had seen it. (he beat me to it) Those were fun times with the bonfires, roasted potatoes, marshmallows and sing a longs. Please drop by often for tea and cookies, and join in the conversation. May your New Year be filled with His blessings. Love to you and your sisters.

  7. Shari, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the tea while you are here. “We’re here for a good time, not a long time, and the sun can’t shine every day.” (Trooper, Smith and McGuire) I do appreciate your visits and comments.

  8. Good evening Heather. Did you bring more cookies! Better pour the tea so we can have a visit.
    The comment from Lynda, above, really brings back memories. She was one of the neighbourhood kids that came with their potato to roast, and her mom kept asking Ra to sing Que Sera Sera!!

    I hope that my blog is stirring memories for my readers! That makes it all worth while. See you next year/!

  9. Dianne, I realize now why you thought Carol was Ra’s mom. When you hit the subscribe thing, the email that was sent to you was from Carianne, my niece. The reason for that… for the whole month, Carol has been posting what I write, as I don’t know how to do it! Sometime soon, when the rush of the holidays is over, she will come and teach me how to post entries myself.

  10. I loved your house on Murfield Drive. I have lots of fond memories of our visits, Easter eggs hiding in shoes by the door, spinning around on the stool in the kitchen, the many many owl figurines in the kitchen, spock toy ears in the toy box, looking for snails on the sidewalk, the huge park across the street. My Mom just forwarded me the link for your blog, I love it……

    Love Daria

  11. Welcome, Daria! So great to have you visit, and remembering back a few years with me. I hope you will join us for a cup of tea. At first I was posting every day, but that would be too much to keep up, so now it’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday for those new posts.

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