Each of our three sons have their own talents. All three are very artistic. Ra and Gary with music, and Danny with his Dad’s talent for drawing, and building things.

About a week before Christmas each year we would take the boys to do their Christmas shopping for each other and for their mom and dad. When Danny was about 8 or 9, he saw this present that he wanted to get for me. It was a recipe card holder, and it cost a dollar. He decided he could make one… and he did. I still use it fifty years later!

One time he did a drawing for one of his classes at school, and he was accused of getting his dad to draw it for him!

He has been a cabinet maker with his own business for many years. Now and again he gets to do what he really wants so do, and that’s painting. When he retires he hopes to devote more time to painting.



12 thoughts on “Talents

  1. Well Dear Norma,
    I am not surprised to hear about your son Danny having artistic qualities.I am sure a lot of his talent also came from you with all the drawings i have seen of yours which are quite lovely I must say.What wonderful stories you have to share Norma.I never get tired of hearing them.Ra,Gary and Danny were very blessed to have parents that gave so much of themselves to make their lives better. God bless you Norma! Best wishes for good health,happiness & God’s blessings in 2012!
    Thank you for the cup of tea!

  2. HI Dianne! Thanks for your very kind comments. I do appreciate them, and I do appreciate you coming back for another cup of tea. I have a coupe of shortbread cookies left, so lets share them.
    May the New Year bring you health, happiness and God’s blessings.

  3. I’ll bet that card holder has been involved in many, many special occasions over the years! 🙂
    Danny’s art is just screaming, “Talent!” I hope he finds time to enjoy his creativity – such a gift.
    Cheers, Norma! Hugs for New Years!

  4. Well made things last a good long time, don’t they? It’s nice to have such things that remind you of the boys’ childhood gifts of love. I went back to Danny’s Flickr page to look at some of his other paintings again — his work on the motorcycles and the portraits and horses are all so impressive. I feel like I could touch the photos and feel the textures!

    Love and Happy New Year to you.

    • I’m like that with my house where I raised my sons – it’s been 15 years and yet I can still wander through room after room and touch every single surface in my mind, as though it was yesterday. Hugs!

  5. Hi Heather, Memories are pretty wonderful, aren’t they? The good ones, that is. Thanks for coming by, both times!

    Carol, it’s great to have you visiting and commenting. You and Heather should come by, for real. and have a real cup of tea, or coffee!

  6. Thanks for coming by, Heather. Maybe you could get in touch with Carol and see when it is convenient for the two of you to come at the same time. T do appreciate your comments.

  7. Welcome, Norman. Did you get a cup of tea? Around here it’s serve yourself (and me) . I’m too busy to do the pouring!
    We encouraged our sons to do something that they really liked for a living… that way it doesn’t seem like work! I hope you will drop by often, Norman.

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