More Talents

My husband used to say he really wanted to learn to play a guitar, so one Christmas I managed to get one for him. It wasn’t very expensive, but it was good enough to learn on. Well, he made a few feeble attempts at it, but said his wrist wasn’t built for that kind of thing… and the guitar hung in a corner.

Ra learned on it, I think Danny even learned a bit on it, but Gary really loved it and worked hard at learning how to play. We eventually got him a better one, and even took him for lessons, but that was a bit of a rip off, where the teacher spent a lot of time tuning the guitar, even though it didn’t need it. Gary decided he didn’t want to go there any more, and learned on his own.

Gary McGuire and his mandolin

We were going to get a better guitar for Ra, and took Gary along to advise us. Yes, he picked out a good one for his brother, but he fell in love with a twelve string acoustic guitar.  We came home with two guitars! I swear he slept with his! He is a fantastic guitar player, and also plays mandolin, banjo, piano, violin, etc! He has composed some beautiful songs as well. And his photography is extraordinary, and shows his love of the beauty that he sees in his world. Birds, animals, landscapes and seascapes… he excels in each of them.

At one time Gary and his dad went to a sculpture class at night school, at the Vancouver School of Art. After that class he did a bust of his dad, and years later had it bronzed, and gave it to me. It is sitting on the other end of this counter space!



7 thoughts on “More Talents

  1. What a beautiful story Norma! I think it is so wonderful when a family is musical and can get together and sing songs together.I can relate to Gary not wanting to take lessons any more.As a young girl my parents bought me a electric Hawaiian guitar it had a pearly white stone appearance.
    It was absolutely gorgeous! I took lessons for a while but ended up quitting because I didn’t like the old fashion music that was being taught.My parents ended up selling it.I think of that guitar and wish I would have stuck with the lessons especially when I see families jamming together.
    Best wishes Norma to you and your family for a wonderful healthy & happy 2012!

  2. Happy 1st day of the year to you, Norma! 🙂 A wonderful story to start my day. A wonderful family of talented people – and most importantly, the sharing of inspiration and love of artistic expression…..both so rare in this world. Wonderful and refreshing!

  3. HAppy New Year Dianne. I just put the kettle on, so tea will be ready in a few minutes. Thank you for dropping by, and for your comments. I do appreciate them. Music is wonderful in a family. I played the piano accordion, my husband, the harmonica,, and the boys with guitars, or even something to “beat” on. We had many happy hours.

  4. And welcome to you, Heather. Nice to see you early in the morning… just in time for that refreshing cup of tea! Thanks for your very kind comments. I do so appreciate them, and especially, you!

  5. Pour some tea, Carol, and have some cookies! Glad to see you back. Yes, that’s the same mandolin. Wish you could hear him play it…, Oh you can. He’s guest on a CD by Wheat In the Barleey, and he wrote two of the songs on there. “Waiting for You” is so beautiful, and it’s him playing mandolin on it. the other song is “Seesaw”

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