Chief Dan George

Chief Dan George was a friend of ours before he became famous as a movie actor. He was from the Burrard Reserve, but was an honourary Chief of the Squamish, just as my huband was.

He seemed to be related to everyone on the Burrard reserve! When his wife, Amy, died he needed to get away so he could let his emotions have free rein. Percy Paull phoned to see if it would be alright to bring him over to our place, and he stayed over night with us.

Ra’s band and some of our boys’ friends were there and they got Dan singing and enjoying being there. He pretended to run over Mickey with the motorcycle! This photo shows the Cowichan sweater that was presented to Mickey by the Paull family.

1977 - Chief Dan George & Harry McGuire

Amy’s funereal was from St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Vancouver, and the place was packed.

Chief Dan was very sad, missing Amy. When Easter came he wouldn’t get out of bed. His Daughter, Marie, phoned and asked us to come over and see what we could do for him.

We were able to talk him into getting up, and going with us to our place for Easter Dinner. I remember driving over the Lions Gate Bridge at a very slow pace because of the jam up of traffic. People that were walking recognized him, and were waving and calling to him. It did help in bringing him “out of it”, at least for that day.



7 thoughts on “Chief Dan George

  1. Love that photo and the smile on Chief Dan George and that was a great looking sweater that Harry received from the Paull family.A wonderful story Norma of how people of all races can be friends with each other and be there for each other in times of need just like you were there for Chief George after his wife died! Have a wonderful day Norma! Keep shining my friend!

  2. A beautiful story of kindness and support – and the extent to which your friends believed in you and Mickey. Just so wonderful, Norma.

  3. Good morning, Heather. the teas ready. Dianne is over there with hers , so we can join her. I do so much appreciate your kind comment. They were very dear friends, and we were so blessed by having some time together. We learned so much from them, and I will never forget all their kindnesses to me. Not just the gifts, but there accepting me as a friend.

  4. I came across a Mickey Mcguire painting of Chief Dan George and was told they were friends. In looking for information I came across your ‘blog’ and really enjoyed the stories and photos. I’m assuming Mickey was Harry Mcquire and wondered where I could get more info on the painting of the great Chief? Harold Tarbell, North Vancouver

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