Bill Collecting

My mind is a miraculous thing! Jumps all over the place, bringing back memories of one thing or another. I was wiping the dinette table this morning, and I remembered why we purchased it. We had our own sign business, and once in a while, one of the customers would not pay for their sign. They kept putting us off saying they had to do this or that, and would pay us next month.

One furniture store was that type of customer… and after awhile we decided we had waited long enough. We bought a new dinette suite and deducted what he owed us from the total we owed for the set! He wasn’t too happy about that! That’s the table I was cleaning this morning!

We did the same thing with a butcher shop that wouldn’t pay. Went in and started ordering meat, cheese, anything that he was selling. He was quite excited about the sale until it dawned on him what was happening. We left the store with a fairly large order, especially with a lot of different kinds of cheese, and ended up paying him five cents! We didn’t have a freezer at that time, so couldn’t get too much meat. We did get some steaks, though!

One other delinquent account was a fellow that Mickey had known for years. He just wouldn’t pay. One night when we were up fairly late, Mickey phoned him. He was irate at being called at that time. Mickey apologized, saying he had just finished work, and didn’t realize how late it was. Nothing happened, so a short time later, another phone call. We got the money in the next mail!


Photo by David Castillo Dominici


5 thoughts on “Bill Collecting

  1. Hello Norma,thanks for the cup of tea.I think it is terrible that many people tried to take advantage of your husbands work by not paying him.Of course we all have money problems & bills to pay even if these people had paid Mickey a little bit at a time he would have known that they were at least trying.I am glad to hear that at least Mickey got something out of the work he did and what a clever way of doing it. Bravo to him! Have a great Sunday,stay blessed and keep shining my dear Norma!

  2. heheh Wonderful story! Maybe once these delinquent employers got over their shock, they’d realize how fairly they were treated because their goods exchanged in barter were at their selling price, not at cost. Anyway, a smart business move! 🙂

  3. Good morning Jean, Dianne, Judith and Heather. I do appreciate each one of you, and I am so glad you came to share a cup of tea with me this morning. I thought this “writing a blog post” would be so easy… boy,was I wrong. Writing it isn’t so bad, but coming up with the ideas to write about is just as bad as trying to figure out what to draw!
    Judith, it was a non-voluntary barter system!

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