Danny phoned Sunday night to tell me more of a continuing story that has been going on for the past two years.

Two years ago, their neighbour and their eight kids moved. Moving is a trying time for us humans, but their cat, Bruiser, got so spooked that it took off, and they weren’t able to find it. Danny said not to worry, he would keep an eye out for it, and would put out food so that it wouldn’t go hungry.

The neighbour would check back with him every so often, but when there was no cat to be found, had given up hope of ever seeing their pet again.

Danny loves animals He fed a raccoon and her yearly family for many years, until now she has gone on.

He would see Bruiser in the bush but it wouldn’t come near him or his wife, Jean. They kept putting food out, daily, and it would disappear. Finally about two or three months ago, it started coming while they were outside, and eventually allowed them to pet it. It was starving for affection!

Danny and Jean were able to take it inside, and the cat was very affectionate, craving their human touch. Danny figured it was time to phone the old neighbour, but had lost the phone number! He called one of the other neighbours, got it, and called the owners. They could hardly believe their ears.

They came to get it today, expecting to see an eleven-year-old scrawny cat, but it was fat and healthy. There were a lot of tears shed today as that cat returned home… a lot of them were Danny’s and Jean’s as they had bonded with this guy. They cried over the two years it had spent alone, craving affection… but, for sure, it will get plenty of that now from eight kids and their grateful parents.

What an awesome ending for the two families, and their cat.



12 thoughts on “Bruiser

  1. What a wonderful story to wake up to this morning, Norma. Danny and Jean were so diligent, so kind. They played a very special role that affected a lot of people….and probably saved Bruiser’s life.
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. Good morning Heather… you poured our tea all ready. Have a muffin with it… good carrot muffins!
    A very heart warming story, isn’t it. Danny and Jean were happy that Bruiser was going home, but sad because they had bonded with him, and sad over all the time he spent alone, starving for affection. A happy ending, though. Can you imagine those 8 kids getting Bruiser back!

    The owners brought a White Spot gift card for Danny and Jean!

  3. What a beautiful story and so wonderful for Bruiser to be reunited with his family It was nice of them to buy that gift card for Danny & Jean,It shows their appreciation for them taking care of a family member because animals are part of the family. Great muffin & cup of tea Norma.Will see you on Wednesday.Until then keep shining!

    • Glad to see you, Dianne, and to know that you enjoyed the tea and muffin! No muffin on Wednesday! Danny is missing Bruiser, but is very happy that he is back with the rest of his family.

  4. I’m glad this story had a happy ending. As someone whose dogs are very much members of my family, I can’t imagine the heartache of leaving one behind and not knowing what’s happened to it. Dan and Jean were such a blessing to this family!

    • Our cats and dogs do become members of our family. I’m so glad that Danny and Jean looked after Bruiser for those two years. sand got him back with his family!

      Pour another cup of tea, Carol!

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