Maybe I have written enough about our friends, but I really don’t think so. Too many non-Indians judge all of the native Indian people by a few who do become ”undesirable”. Isn’t that just like in the Caucasian race, but here the whole race is not judged because of a few drunks or undesirables.

At the time when we were busy with the Native people We were censured by very close relatives. They said, “You spend too much time with the Indians.”  They had no idea what those Indians were really like, but they were ready to condemn them.

So one day we had Chief Dan George with us, and were heading out to Langley to let him meet someone… but stopped off along the way at our relatives’ home. Well, you should have seen the change in their attitude! Was it because he was a Hereditary Indian Chief, or was it because he was an actor who had won awards, or was it because he was our friend? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think it was because he was our friend!

I’d like to introduce you to some of our friends.

Audrey Rivers, Percy Paull’s sister, (and my sister) A very sweet lady. Her friend in Squamish had phoned  her, all upset because her daughter had gone to Vancouver, and was missing. Audrey called the police in North Vancouver, and was treated with scorn and ridicule.  They said “just go and look on skid road, and you’ll probably find her there.”

Audrey was devastated, and called me. “What can I do, Norma?”

I phoned the North Vancouver Police and talked to the head man, and demanded an apology for Audrey… and she got it. And then they put in the effort and found the missing girl.

There’s Dan George, and his dance troupe who came out to Guildford and entertained … no charge… just out of the goodness in their hearts.

And Bob George, who calls me his sister! I love that guy!

And let me show you our friend, Chief Dan George, who we knew long before he became an actor.

These are some of the people who enriched my life and I am ever grateful for the gift of their friendship.


10 thoughts on “Attitudes

    • Pull up a chair and take a load off your feet, Heather. The tea is all ready, so are some cookies. Thanks for your visit and your comment.
      they do have great smiles.

  1. Another touching story Norma and so very true.We are so quick to put down other races when we really do not know them or understand their cultures.There is good and bad in all races.All any of us want is to be excepted and loved for ourselves.Norma that is something you did and look at all the wonderful relationships and life lasting friendships you the pleasure of knowing.
    Have a great weekend & keep on shining! That tea was great on this cold day!

  2. You are a little late today, Dianne… the kettle ‘s on so I;ll make some tea. Sure goes good on these cold days. Thanks for coming and for your much appreciated comment. Ra was pleased by your comment about him yesterday and said thanks.

  3. Christine, what a wonderful compliment you give me. Thank you! And thank you for your visit. I do so much appreciate it.

  4. Hi Norma,

    My name is Dustin Rivers. I’m Audrey Rivers youngest grandchild. My dad is Kevin Rivers. I happened to google image search “Audrey Rivers” and came across your blog! This photograph of my grandfather almost made me cry. I enjoy all the photographs actually (Louis Miranda, Chief Dan George, etc.).

    I run a blog on the Squamish Language at I will also share my email, but if you have more photographs I would love to see them!

    Thank you for sharing!

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