We used to show paintings in Stanley Park along with other artists. It was quite an attraction for the people visiting the park. They would wander through the different displays and enjoy the paintings. Some would take pictures of the individual displays. Mickey usually had one or two discreet nudes in his display.

This started out to be one story, but just developed into two, as my memory triggered in.

I’ll tell you the second one first! This man really liked one of my husband’s paintings, and was going to buy it.  It showed the front porch of an old house… he said his wife could paint in something that they wanted on the porch. I said, “You can’t do that with someone else’s painting.” He said,”If I buy it I can do anything I want with it.”  So I said, “It is not for sale to you!”

He left in a huff, but returned a short time later with a camera, and was attempting to take a picture of the painting.  I turned the painting around so he couldn’t see the face of it.  As he hung around, I took the painting and locked it in the van.

Now, back to the original story!

We moved from Vancouver out to Langley, next door to the best neighbours you could find. We hadn’t been living there very long when they invited us over for tea… and they were going to show us some of their slides. They were very interesting, and all of a sudden we were seeing paintings on display in Stanley Park that he thought were really good, so had photographed them… and I said, “Heh! Go back a bit! Those are our paintings!” Yes, he had photographed our paintings! And here he was, showing them to us! Coincidence?  He had a print made from  the slide and gave it to us.


8 thoughts on “Neighbours

  1. Good morning Norma, thanks for the tea and cookies! Those are two good stories! Your husband sure was a great artist! Have a great week! Hugs!

    • Good morning, Greg. Glad you enjoyed the tea and cookies. It’s nice to share them with you!

      Yes, my husband had a very great talent, and he was self taught. Hugs back to you, Greg!.

  2. Hello Norma so sorry I am late but I had to go out of town for the day and just got back at supper.
    Wasn’t that a coincident finding out your neighbour had photographed your husband’s work and to think that one guy wanted to add something on the porch.I would have also refused to sell it to him also!
    From the pictures I see that your husband did it is so amazing to think he taught himself.It is definitely a gift from God! Have a great day on Tuesday and keep shining.Will see you Wednesday when I will enjoy a cup of hot tea.

    • Thanks for your visit, Dianne, and for your great comment. Glad you enjoy the cup of tea and cookies… will have some ready for Wednesday, so see you then.

    • Hi Shari! Yes it is a small world. I hope you are enjoying your visit with Tynan to keep you company. .Thanks for visiting, and for the comment. Wish it was in person like the other day, but…Oh well, maybe next time you are visiting your folks.

  3. Lends credence to the saying: “What goes around comes around.” What a fine story! Hilarious. The paintings are grand…what talent!

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