First Sale!


My art teacher at Point Grey Junior High School said I should go to art school. That was when I was 16. Well, that’s when we moved to Langley, and there was no way that I could even pay for the transportation to get to Vancouver, let alone pay for the course.

Back then I drew Christmas cards, painted them with a bit of watercolour, and sold them for one dollar a dozen!  Yes, for one dollar a dozen. That was also the time that I played accordion at dances along with a drummer, and got two dollars for playing for two hours! And I picked strawberries (and hulled them) for a cent a pound. Money was hard to come by.

Back to the story!

I had looked after my husband’s paintings on a good many shows. Finally I decided to try to do some landscapes. Phil Ashton, the manager at Guildford encouraged me and said to show my paintings along with my husband’s. So, I started putting some of mine in the shows.

We were at Alexandra Park at English Bay in Vancouver, along with a group that we belonged to. Mickey’s paintings were “the main attraction” and I had put mine “over there,” next to his so I could keep an eye on them.

A man came over to me and asked who was looking after mine as he “wanted to buy one.”

I said, “You’re kidding!”

He bought the painting anyway, for my asking price of $15.00. It was a little waterfall! Now that’s how I sold paintings! That was my very first sale… but not my last!




2 thoughts on “First Sale!

  1. Good morning Norma,
    Another wonderful story my friend! I am not surprised to hear that you were able to sell your art work when you were young because you are very talented.I am sure your work has improved over the years for as they say practice makes perfect but I am positive those early paintings were wonderful.Have a great day my friend.Thanks for the tea. Have a great weekend & keep shining!

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