More About Guildford


Cloverdale Rodeo time was the time that Guildford held their “Western Days” promotions. The day of the parade, Guildford started out with a Pancake Breakfast.

The Mall Manager asked us if we could get some of our native friends to join in the fun. Along with the dance troupe that came, we had Linda  and Evie with us, and they stole the show.  The Rodeo Queen and her princesses were not very happy about that. They walked with Mickey, while I rode in the parade.

The Kinsmen were there selling carnations for Mothers Day, and they came and pinned one on each of us.

The radio station, CJJC from Langley had a roving mike going around, and we were interviewed frequently. The first time, I was scared, but it was free advertising, so I did it! Mickey froze the first time, but soon got over that and was quite at ease during the interviews.

At Halloween, Guildford had a parade that was led in and out of stores all over the mall. Anyone in costume could join in, and the kids came in costume, and loved it. The photographer was there to get pictures of the event. Every time he took a picture of us, he would give us a copy.

This one year Mickey decided to join in, but didn’t tell anyone.  He had a mask, but he also put on dirty old clothes.  He wore an overcoat that he stuffed with rags to form a hump on his back. He looked like you just didn’t want to be near him! He fell in at the end of the parade and went everywhere with them. Some people were horrified when they saw him, and they should have been!

The next day he went to the photographer and asked for a copy of the photo. Even the photographer had no idea that the dirty old man was Mickey! No, I don’t have a picture of him!

Writing about costumes… my mind turned to our cowboy boots. We had our paintings set up near the shoe store. Mickey asked the manager if he would like to trade a pair of western boots for a painting, his choice. The manager thought that was a great idea and started looking over the paintings to see which one he wanted. When he finally decided, he chose one of mine!

I said, “That’s not fair, you’re taking my painting and he gets the boots!”  So he traded a pair of boots for me, and took one of Mickey’s paintings!


5 thoughts on “More About Guildford

  1. Well Norma it sounds like you & Mickey kept busy with all these promotional things & parades.Mickey sounds like he was quite the character.Would have loved to have seen him all dressed up as that dirty old man.Glad to hear that both you & Mickey traded a picture for boots.
    Keep shining my friend! Thanks for the cup of tea! Will see you on Wednesday!

    • Thanks for coming by, Dianne.I appreciate your comments… and I hope you enjoyed the tea today. Sorry I ran our of cookies. I’ll try t do better next time.

  2. So many incidents you’ve pictured on Flickr have shown Uncle Buddy as one who loved sharing fun with his family. Somehow I can just picture him joining that parade of trick-or-treating kids! Great memories!

    • Good morning Carol. Thanks for coming by, and for your comment. People will wonder who Uncle Buddy is… Harry, Mickey, and Uncle Buddy are all the same person! His Dad was Harry, so the family called him Buddy, hence, Uncle Buddy. In the Army he was called Mickey, and that’s who I met so many years ago, but I married Harry!!

      • Good thing you’ve clarified that for your readers. Sometimes I called him Uncle Buddy, other times Uncle Harry, so I wasn’t even consistent myself.

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