Back in the 1930’s  my family had moved to Beaver Valley, in the Caribbo, B.C. Money was in very short supply… like about nil most of the time. Barter and trade was what got us through, I guess.

Labour was traded for the big jobs where you needed help, like at haying time.

My brother, Clendon, was part of the hay crew on Neil Roberson’s ranch. There was no Mrs. Robertson. I have no idea what had happened to her. There were two daughters, one sixteen and the other about ten. The men of the hay crew took turns cooking breakfast for them all.

This day it was my brother’s turn, and he was making  pancakes. He decided to play a joke on the other guys. He cut out circles of brown paper. Then he would put pancake batter on the griddle, lay a piece of paper on it, then top it with more batter. He thought this would be hilarious when the guys started eating and found the paper.

A hungry crew sat down for breakfast and started eating pancakes laced with paper… and they never noticed the paper. They just ate what was on their plates.

After they had cleaned up all the pancakes, Clendon was afraid to tell them what he had done… so the joke was on him!


10 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Good morning Mary! I am very pleased to have you visit, and I thank you for your comments. Will you join us for tea? I do appreciate your comments.

  2. The potential of a good joke that never materialized. Poor Clendon! Friends on the Island told me about the time the wife was making sandwiches for her truck-driving husband’s lunch, but it was very early and she inadvertently put the “picture of a slice of bologna” from the package into his sandwich, added lettuce and packed it. Unlike the pancakes, however, he discovered it on the first bite and when he got home, complained bitterly. (That same wife accidentally put a raw egg into his lunchkit one time, thinking it was hard boiled, and you know what happened when he attempted to begin peeling it by first giving it a smack on his steering wheel!! I think after that she began packing his lunches in the evenings, instead of when she was half asleep in the mornings.)

  3. Hi Carol! What great stories you have to tell! Can’t you just picture that egg being hit on the steering wheel!!
    Thanks for your visit, and I hope you are beating that cold. When you are over it, I will invite you for tea… real tea!

  4. Sorry I am a day late in responding Norma but time just slipped away from me on Friday.I guess those men eating the pancakes were so hungry they just gobbled them down without even chewing!
    Another great story Norma! have a wonderful Sunday my friend & keep shining!

    • Good morning Dianne. Thanks for your visit and comment… did you pour a cup of tea?
      I did miss seeing you, but I certainly understand how time just seems to get away from us sometimes.
      Have a great day, Dianne!

  5. Too funny! I think not telling was wise.

    My mother made us kids peanut butter sandwiches. Mine had a hairball in it, a wad of hair pulled out of a hair brush. I gagged and cried as I pulled the clump of hair and peanut butter out of my mouth. My mother and sisters and brothers laughed hysterically. They laughed every time they looked at me that entire day. My mom couldn’t apologize with a straight face. I really didn’t see the humor in it, but all that laughing finally made me laugh, too.

  6. Good morning Carol Ann. I’m so pleased to see you visiting me again, and I do thank you for your comment.
    How awful to get a mouthful of hair and peanut butter. Even one hair in my mouth upsets me. I never could see the humour in putting someone down “for fun”.

    Did you pour a cup of tea fro yourself? Gives us a little time to get to know each other better!

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