Branding Irons

When you own a cattle ranch in Beaver valley, like my sister and brother-in-law did, there are a number of necessary jobs that have to be done, even if a little unpleasant.

New calves had to be branded, and some of the males had to be castrated. A lot of work. First of all, you had to round up the calves so that they were handy when their time came. You needed someone that could handle a rope, as well. This was also the time that any necessary medications were given, like shots!

Their brand looked like the start of an  ots and crosses game! Called “the pig pen.”   This brand was used on the cows and horses, but was also used on all the tools for identification.

In the fall, cattle had to be driven to William’s Lake. It was a fifty mile cattle drive, with the riders on horse back, and they had to eat and sleep “on the trail.”  If I remember correctly, that drive took about a week. Things are sure different these days.  Now the cattle are loaded in the back of a truck and driven to the sale.

Once the cattle were sold, and the money received there was a trip to the grocery store to stock up on the year’s supply of food. Don’t forget their nearest store was 16 miles away and there they did not have much choice. Williams Lake was the next closest, and that was fifty miles away, You did not run to the store to pick up things for supper


6 thoughts on “Branding Irons

  1. We forget how things were so different back than,that you just couldn’t run to the store because you forgot bread or milk.the way we do today! Times were hard back than but I also believe they were somewhat better in that you appreciated things more! Thanks for the tea Norma and have a great day! keep shining!

  2. Hi Dianne. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I do appreciate them. I just made fresh tea, so let’s have a cup.

  3. Hi, Norma 🙂
    I’m back from Mexico and enjoying your entries again. Wonderful description today. I had to stop for a cattle drive on my way to Bella Coola. Very impressive scene.
    Yes, it would be quite the way of life to buy groceries so rarely – you’d really have to get your list straight!

    • Welcome home, Heather! I’m glad you were able to go on your holiday,but I am glad you are home safely. Thanks for y our visit and your comment. Come, have a cup of tea before you head off for your busy day.

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