The Swimming Hole.

My brother-in-law was quite ingenious.  He would figure out the best and easiest way to do things.  Like getting a supply of ice put up.

Beaver Valley has a string of lakes, joined together by streams. You needed a lake to cut ice from, and the lake was quite a distance from his house. Well, just across the road there was a series of small hills, and they formed kind of a basin.

Al changed the direction of the creek ( which he could do to irrigate the meadow, or go through the corral to water horses, to water the vegetable garden, or to run the water wheel that charged the batteries for his electric light system!) You just had to move a few rocks to change it to where you wanted it to go. I told you he was smart! Do you follow me?

He diverted the creek so that the water filled this basin, and then when it froze he had a place to cut the ice!

All right … now it’s summer time and Norma, Mickey and the three boys are coming for a couple of weeks. Need a swimming hole!  Do you follow me? Change the creek, and flood the basin. Perfect, grass lined swimming hole!

We spent quite a bit of time in that swimming hole! No fish, though. That is a frog that Gary has!


6 thoughts on “The Swimming Hole.

  1. I must say your brother in law was smart to be able to do that! I am sure you all had plenty of fun in that waterhole swimming! I love the old log cabin showing in the picture above.Looks like a wonderful place to raise a family!Have a great day Norma and thanks for the tea!

    • Hi Dianne! You are welcome for the tea. Did you get another one today? Thanks for coming by and for your comments. I do appreciate both. See you on Friday?

  2. That was indeed ingenious! He made good use of that creek.

    Do you remember my mom’s story about a time before the lake house was finished, when they were in the trailer having a pre-dinner drink with Hector and she kept complaining about not having ice cubes for the drinks? After a couple complaints Hector put on his boots and went outside… returning a few minutes later to hand her a chunk of ice cut from the edge of the creek. I’d say he and your brother gave fresh insight into the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” 🙂

    • Hi Carol! Sounds like Hector and my brother in law were about the same! Glad to have you stop by, and always appreciative of anyone who leaves a comment. Got your cup of tea? See you on Friday?

  3. Your brother-in-law was brilliant! Great photos, too – loved the story. I’ll be turning on my flickr notices again tomorrow so I can catch up on what you’ve been posting there, too. 🙂
    Internet wifi cost a fortune at the resort I stayed at – so I only bought two hours during my entire two weeks away. Just got home Monday morning 2 AM – catching up now.

    • Welcome home, Heather. Grab a cup of tea so we can sit and chat for a bit. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I do appreciate it.

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