A Five Pound Trout!

My dad loved to fish. If he didn’t catch anything, he was happy, doing what he loved to do. But when he caught that five pound trout, he was even happier.

He was visiting my sister and her husband on their ranch in Beaver Valley, and my brother-in-law took dad fishing, up at the lake behind their place. One of the few times that dad would ride a horse, but it was too much of a climb for him to get there on foot. He was eighty years old in this picture.

Al would load an Evenrude engine on the back of one of the horses, and when they got to the lake, it was fastened on a raft, and away they went with their fishing line overboard.

This started out about dad’s trout… but turns into another story… Lena and Al and I used to go fishing on that lake. I don’t know if it even had a name… We fished until noon, pulled in to shore, and Al lit a fire, and we roasted fish that we had caught for lunch! We never took a lunch with us!

And the picture turns this into another story. See that gate? They found a tree with the curl in it, and used it for what you see in the picture. Then they tied some young trees in knots, and a few years later, went back and cut them and made the actual gate.

Would you believe… this leads to another story, and why dad didn’t ride horses very often.

Dad and the boys had gone hunting, and shot a moose way up on a hillside, in amongst trees. They went home and got the team of horses to drag it out in the snow. The team was Dick and Baldy, big percheron horses.

They hooked the wippletree (no, it had to be the doubletree,) to the moose, and dad got on Dick’s back and he was going to drive them down the steep hill. They started out just fine, but the moose slid ahead, into Dicks hind legs, and Dick got going faster, and faster, which made the moose hit him that much faster. Dad hung onto the hames for dear life, and was very relieved when he got out of that ride alive! He got teased for many years … and did not ride much after that

photo of moose courtesy National Post.


10 thoughts on “A Five Pound Trout!

  1. Good morning Norma,I hope you have the pot of tea on as it is quite cold this morning.Another great story.How nice that your father was so active and able to do things like fish & hunt.I know working in a nursing home for 20 years that many younger than that end up in homes due to health problems or Alzheimer disease.I am always happy to hear about our senior citizen living active,healthy,happy lives in their communities . Thanks for sharing this story,have a great weekend
    and keep shining!

    • The kettle’s on, Dianne. Tea will be ready when you get here. It is wonderful when seniors are able to”do” things, isn’t it… like writing this blog! Of course, I don’t go fishing, but I very seldom did that at any age! Never shot a moose, either… but I could hit a target with a 22 . I once plugged a nickel at thirty feet! I’d have trouble doing that now as my vision isn’t quite as good as it used to be!!

      Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I always appreciate your visits. Maybe next time I’ll have some cookies.

  2. You’re a wonderful storyteller! All these great incidents make for fascinating reading.

    The moose incident reminds me of Bob’s father who would ride a horse to his parish rounds in Saskatchewan. He didn’t have a proper sleigh, but one snowy Sunday because he was wearing his good suit he decided to harness the horse to a toboggan for the trip. The only problem was, on the last steep hill leading to the church the toboggan got moving faster than the horse. Its aluminum edge clipped the horse’s hocks, drawing blood, and the horse bolted, jerking ahead every time the toboggan continued to hit him. By the time they reached the church dad was covered in blood spatters, and the people thought he was the injured one!

    • Thanks for coming by, and for your wonderful comment, Carol! I had a great laugh reading about Bob’s Dad! I’m glad that my story reminded you of one that was probably almost forgotten. The tea’s ready… let’s have a cup!

  3. Great storytelling Norma! It’s a treat to read them and see those great old photos!
    Your Dad’s face in the photo on your Flickr site holding up the great trout reminds me of Jim Dubois. I bet Jim might have looked similar at age 80 if he could have made it to that age.
    Have a great weekend!

    • I just poured a cup of tea for you, Greg.Cream? Sugar?
      Thanks for coming by, and for your comment. I can see that bit of resemblance that would remind you of Jim. We sure do miss him! Hope you come back again, soon.

  4. Hi, Norma – great stories. Interesting how they just keep flowing into each other like streams filling the rivers of our lives. That was a fabulous moose photo, by the way. I’d love to get such a magnificent shot!

    • Hi Heather! I just poured your tea, so sist and chat a while. Thanks for coming by and for your great comment. It’s weird how I start to write about one thing, and I get carried away to two or three other stories that are linked to the first one in some way.
      HAve a great day and come back soon… for a real cup of tea!

  5. Your storied are always so wonderful Norma – I’m so glad you have taken the time to share them all with us.

  6. Hi Mike! What a wonderful surprise to find your comment. Thank you… I do appreciate your visit and your comment!
    Did you get a cup of tea? Maybe next time there will be some cookies.

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