The Snow Queen

In February, 1947, there was a lot of snow over on the North Shore Mountains. Hollyburn had a good supply. Mickey and I were just going together at the time.

His brother, Jack, had a jeep, and he thought it was a great idea for the three of us to head up Hollyburn so we could go and build a snowman. Although I was not dressed for snow I said, “Sure, let’s go!”  Who cares about cold wet feet when you have an offer like that!

When you build a snowman, and one of the participants is an artist, it doesn’t turn out like the usual ones.  Instead of a snowman, we built a Snow Queen,

After we were married, Mickey built one in our front yard and somebody phoned the newspaper. They came and took pictures, and it was featured in the Sun.


13 thoughts on “The Snow Queen

  1. Good morning Norma! A beautiful story and I would not have expected any less from a creative guy like Mickey.A regular snowman just wouldn’t do it had to be a snow queen! Even when working in the snow he was unique & creative! Thanks for the tea Norma,enjoy the day & keep shining!

    • Hi Dianne! Thanks for coming by and for the comment. I hope you got your cup of tea…… I’m lale getting around to replying as I had company this morning… my son, Danny,his wife, Jean, and my great nephew, Hugh, visiting from Quesnel. Always so good to visit with family.

  2. Yes, good morning and thanks for the tea Norma! That is a beautiful story, and the photos are a treat to see! It’s great to see another form of your (Including Mickey and Jack) art. They’re smiling nicely in the photos, and it strikes me how similar they look. Another thing that strikes me is the jeep! They still sell jeeps today that look not much different than that!
    Well I guess Spring is on the way and the days are getting longer, another reason why it’s nice to see your snow scenes.
    Have a great one Norma!

    • Hello Greg! So good to have you visiting, and enjoying that cup of tea. too bad I ran out of cookies. Maybe next time! Jack and Mickey did look quite a bit alike. That was fun building the snow queen… and the only time I was ever on that mountain!

      Now that spring is not too far off we can look forward to better weather.Gary and Terri were over on sunday and we went to Moby dicks. Too bad you couldn’t have joined us!

  3. Hey, I recognize him! It’s my Dad! That Jeep was around for a long time, too. Great memories here, as always. It’s wonderful that you still have these photos to help visualize your reminiscing.

    • Hey, yourself… I almost missed replying to you!. The reason I posted this picture was for you… didn’t know if you had that shot, or not.
      HAve another cup of tea, Caroland enjoy a break.

    • Welcome Sheila. I’m glad you found me too. I’ll pour a cup of tea for you and we can sit and learn more about each other. Thanks for your comment… I do appreciate it…. and I hope you willl come back again.

    • hello, Heather! is the tea too hot? never mind,it will cool very soon. Thanks for your visit and your comment. No, I wasn’t amazed at Mickey’s talent. It was fun though, with Jack helping.

    • Hi Shari! Glad you found them… but you missed a cup of tea… maybe next time!
      Thanks for coming by and for your comment. It is much appreciated.

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