Painting In Public.

We had been out with painting displays many times. That’s how we made our living for quite a few years. In  the beginning, I took my husband’s paintings and looked after everything. He wouldn’t even go near the show. Finally he had to paint in a contest at Brentwood Mall in order to show his paintings, and hopefully, sell some. After that, it wasn’t a problem for him.

With the Group of artists showing paintings in Stanley Park, there were a couple of portrait artists. They did a pastel portrait while the model sat there…  took about a half hour.

One of these, a lady, was not that good at it. She did the same eyes for everyone. Mickey decided he should try doing the portraits. He had some people that had their portrait done elsewhere, come and ask him to fix it up! No, he wouldn’t touch another artist’s work, but in some instances, he did another one for them, free of charge.

Like a lot of my posts, I start out with one story, but get carried off in another direction as my mind pulls out another memory. I hope you will bear with me!Some ofpen and ink sketches

This was to be about the first time I painted in public. Oh well, its not that interesting!

After we had been part of a group of artists showing in one building during the PNE, the lady in charge wanted all of us to “do another show”. I think it was in October. There was nothing else going on at the PNE Grounds, and the show was not advertised well enough, so we spent a week with very little happening.

That’s when I did my first painting in public. Not too many “onlookers”, and if they did stop to watch, I could back away from my easel and look like I was trying to figure out what to do next, and they would move on. It worked, as I got used to the idea of painting with people watching!

I worked on pen and ink sketches on shows all the time. It didn’t bother me if people stropped to watch me do those. I was more confident doing them than I was doing the oil paintings… that made a difference.


4 thoughts on “Painting In Public.

  1. Another lovely story my friend! I see you have been doing your art work for many years! I am sure you must see a great improvement from your work from earlier years up to now Norma! I do not blame your husband for not fixing other people’s work.Imagine putting the same eyes on everyone!
    I love seeing all the pictures hanging on the wall,I see many that I like. Have a wonderful weekend Norma! Keep shining!Thank you for the tea!

  2. I’m sure it must be difficult to paint with an audience but both of you did beautiful work so you shouldn’t have lacked confidence. I have a treasured pair of your sketches, passed down from my parents — of the Oie Lake house and old cabin. They help me remember how our favourite places use to look before the years changed things.

  3. Great story – love the photos you’ve attached. That’s a gorgeous piece you were working on in the second photograph. 🙂

  4. Hi Dianne, Carol, and Heather! Pour the tea and we can swap storied. Thank you to each of you for your continuing support and for your wonderful comments! Sorry to answer in group form, but my llegs are jumpy and I can’t stay here for long.

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