The Bust

mixing the clay

My husband and youngest son, Gary, went to the Vancouver School of Art, night classes and took the sculpture course. They not only enjoyed the course, but the time they spent together, one on one.

After the course was over, Gary decided to do a bust of his dad. What a messy process that was.. good thing he could do it in the carport.

hard at work.

First, he modeled his dad’s head in clay. Then he made a mold from that with plaster of paris, and then had to pour a mixture into that mold to get the “finished” product.

getting the feel

It stayed in that form for many years, and then Gary had it bronzed and gave it to me one Christmas. It sits on the other end of my “desk”.

I will have to let the pictures tell the story. I don’t remember  the exact details.

The bronzed bust


9 thoughts on “The Bust

  1. What a fantastic project! It was a wonderful opportunity for them to work together on something meaningful to both of them, and you’ve ended up with a very special keepsake. I hope you’re going to post a photo of the finished bronze.

  2. Beautiful project together. I love all the pictures to telling the story…..and, yes, please post the finished work of art. 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by, Norman, and thanks for your comment. How about joining us ladies for a cup of tea? Still haven’t got any cookies… one of these days I might surprise every one.

  3. Hi CArol and Heather, I finally found the photo of the bronze, so have posted it on Flickr. Not sure if I could have added it to my blog, but not going to take a chance.

    Let’s have a cup of tea and chat for a bit.

    • I see the photo of the bronze in the sidebar… people can click on it to get to the larger format on Flickr. It really is a wonderful work of art! [Update: since the Flickr source was only temporary I’m glad the photo has now been permanently added to this post.]

      • Thanks for pointing out the picture in the side bar,Carol. I didn’t know how to add it to my blog post!

  4. Sorry,I am late with reading your blog today Norma.How lovely for Gary & Mickey to spend time together taking the sculptor class.The bust of Mickey I am sure was a gift you have always cherished! Yes,please post a picture of the finished project.

    • Thanks for coming by, Dianne..Like they say, better late than never. I’ll make some fresh tea. I do appreciate your visits and comments. I’ve posted the bronze on Flickr [and it’s now been added here as well].

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