Wire Sculptures

My eldest and youngest sons both have musical talent, and some artistic abilities, as well.  My middle son, Danny likes music, but does not play an instrument, sing, or compose music.

Danny has been given a great talent for drawing, and painting, When he was in grade school, his teacher did not appreciate his ability. One assignment was to draw a sea scape. Everyone else showed a blue ocean with a sailboat on it. Danny did a drawing of a whale, all beautifully shaded.

When he took it up to the teacher, she looked at it and tore it up and put it in the garbage, saying that wasn’t what she wanted. I think she was jealous of his talent.

The next assignment came along, and Danny did it, took it up to her desk as he was supposed to, and stood there and tore it up and put it in the garbage. From there on, with that teacher, he didn’t bother to do the drawing, just tore up the paper in front of her and put it in the garbage.

In higher grades, when he had to do an illustration in his assignments, he was accused of having his dad do them for him!

Great teachers, don’t you think!

In his late teens Danny had been making metal sculptures… wall hangings,… and they were quite popular. Then he decided to go into something a little different.

He started doing wire sculptures! Of birds, or people in different activities, trees, etc. The wind-swept trees were a favourite.

At this time we had a pre Christmas show at Guilford, in the upper mall. With the Mall manager’s permission, Danny joined us with his display.

In this picture you will see some of my paintings and sketches in the background.


6 thoughts on “Wire Sculptures

  1. A true teacher would have been ecstatic to witness such talent and their delight should have inspired and encouraged the young artist. Danny’s efforts should have sparked their passions to teach more techniques and skills. I hope they are ashamed.
    On a lighter note – yes, I mentioned on Flickr loving the trees best. heheh I’m one of the masses!
    Have a wonderful day, Norma – it’s certainly a gorgeous morning!

    • Good morning Heather. You ‘re just in time for a fresh pot of tea. Too early for cookies! Thanks for stopping by, and I do appreciate your comments. Some teachers shouldn’t be teachers! Danny’s art teacher was one of those!

  2. I remember one of my children’s kindergarten teachers who stifled creativity by demanding perfection in each art project. For instance, if the kidney beans being glued onto a paper plate to form a smile weren’t all facing in the same arched direction, she pried the beans off and sent the child back to do the work over again. At five-years-old that was pretty discouraging. The teacher thought she was teaching the children how to follow directions, but in fact she actually contributed to the development of negative self-images.

    I’m so glad Danny survived his classes and went on to make wonderful use of his artistic ability. The wire sculpture are amazing!

    • Good morning Carol. So good to see you and your comments. You know that I appreciate every one that comes by. Comments help make my day! Time for tea, and a visit. The kettles boiling. Years ago, a friend of my parents would say that to make good tea, the kettle had to be VERY boiling!

  3. Hello Norma,I cannot believe I completely missed this post about your son Danny.Wow! His talent is unbelievable! It is so sad how that one teacher did not try to encourage his talent.Thank goodness she did not make him want to stop his artistic abilities! That is a God given talent!

  4. Good evening, Dianne. I just found your comment from a day ago. Nice to see you visiting and commenting. The tea is cold, so guess it will have to wait until Monday!!

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