A Monkey On His Back.

Skippy McGuire was a much loved member of our family. He was pretty smart, too.

We had a tiled floor in the kitchen, dinette, and hall, but the living room was carpeted. Skippy was not allowed on the carpet, and he respected our wishes.

My husband had a broken leg at one time, and he was resting on the chesterfield. He called Skippy to come to him. Poor guy… he wasn’t quite sure what to do… but you could almost see the wheels turning in his head. Finally, he jumped on the chair that was near the hall, and climbed over to the chesterfield to my husband. He did not walk on the carpet!

We got a pet squirrel monkey for the kids. We had a small room in the basement with bunk beds. The bottom bed got turned into a home (cage) for the monkey, with a tree branch to climb on. We even had to have a thermostat to heat that room for it.

The monkey was taken out, and upstairs at times, and it loved to get on Skippy’s back. Poor Skippy! He would tolerate it for a while, but then he would go under the rungs of a chair to knock it off. That didn’t always work as the monkey would hang over Skippy’s side..

Skippy won though… as the monkey was taken back to the pet store. My husband had warned the kids that if they didn’t look after cleaning the “cage”  he would take it back….   and he carried out his threat!


8 thoughts on “A Monkey On His Back.

  1. A wonderful story about Skippy Norma!I loved how he tried to knock the monkey of his back with the rungs of the chair.Many parents threaten their kids with things but do not always follow through.it is nice to know that Mickey followed through when your sons didn’t keep up with cleaning the cage.I am sure this was a great lesson to them.

    • Thanks for coming by, and for your comment, Dianne. I appreciate that you visit on a regular basis. Let’s have that cup of tea.

  2. Great story and photos Norma!
    Is it snowing in White Rock? It’s really coming down here in the West End!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Skippy sounds like such a sweet dog. I can’t imagine any dog coping well with a monkey but he was obviously good natured as well as very obedient! He looks like a cocker spaniel??? Do you remember our ‘Perky’, also a cocker? Unfortunately we didn’t have him for long.

    • Hi Carol! Skippy was a sweet dog. He was a Heintz 57, and the runt of the family. Had little short legs and had to skip to get up the curb. That’s how the boys named him.

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

  4. Great story – love the picture. Amazingly clever, Skippy was, figuring out a way to get over to your husband without stepping on the carpet! 🙂

    • Hi Heather. Got your cup of tea? Skippy was so smart..One day when we left for work, we got about three blocks from home and saw Skippy. He perked right up as he recognized our car, and then you could see him talking to himself” Oh! Oh! … I’m not supposed to be this far from home!” and he trotted off, heading for home.

      Thanks sfor the visit and your comment!

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