Singing For His Supper

We moved to Muirfield Drive in Vancouver when the boys were small. Across the lane behind our home was bush for about a mile (I’m guessing at that!)

Some summer evenings we would have a bon fire and roast potatoes. Each kid in the neighbourhood would bring their own potato, and we supplied the salt and pepper and the butter. (Margarine) Sometimes we would even have marshmallows. Some of the parents would come and join in the fun.

This is when they would ask Ra to sing. He loved to sing… and as he got older he started to sing, professionally, at age 12 when he got paid one dollar a song.

I drove “his” band to many gigs and waited in the car while they played. At one time they rehearsed in our  livingroom… and another time in our garage. The name changed a few times before they settled on the one they used when they started recording.

They have 11 albums, and have sold millions of them. They continue touring, and play to sold out shows.

“Raise a Little Hell”, “We’re Here For A Good Time”, “Two For The Show” and so many more.

Yes. That’s Trooper!

You can read all about Trooper on their website,

Ra, their lead singer and “front man” is my eldest son. And he is a composer, an author, a designer, and a business man.

If you haven’t figured it out by now… I’ll spell it out. I am very proud of All THREE of my sons, for the men that they are, for the husbands and fathers that they are. I love them dearly.


16 thoughts on “Singing For His Supper

    • Good morning Phillip.. Guess it’s almost afternoon where you are… but we can have a cup of tea anyway. Cream? Sugar? Maybe I’ll remember next time.
      Thanks for coming by and for your comment.. Always appreciated.

    • Good morning Ra! Tea? or would you rather have a latte? Guess you will have to bring your own. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. You are very difficult to put in writing..Where do I start, and where do I finish? I love you!

  1. Oh yes, I “figured it out” long ago… and I think they’re very proud of you, too. Children’s abilities don’t develop without nurturing and encouragement, and it’s pretty clear they got a lot of that from you and Uncle Harry. Plus you both provided personal examples of how making the most of your artistic abilities enriches life.

    Gotta say, too, this latest “Trooper Hits” album is fantastic! I’ve been listening to Trooper since their earliest days and this album has all my favourite songs on it. Love it! There are also audio clips of them to sample on the music page of the Trooper website.

    • Good morning Carol. I poured your tea, so we can visit. I like Ra’s comment, don’t you!
      That is the hardest blog post that I have written, as there has been so much written about him… where to I start!

      Looking forward to a real visit soon.

  2. I thought your story writing did very well today even though it must have evoked dozens of other stories in your mind – it was a pleasure to read! I think you’ve been a wonderful mother, so encouraging. You’re proud of them and you should be proud of yourself, too. 🙂

    • Hi Heather! Just in time for tea. Your visits and your comments are always appreciated! You know, we, as parents did the best job we could, and with the help of my silent partner, God, our three sons became these great men!
      Thanks for coming by!

    • I sure am! And not just because of his celebrity.. that too, but more because of who he is and the kind of a man he is, and the son, husband and father that he is. That’s what’s important to me.
      Thanks for coming by for a visit, and for your comment. Should I put the kettle on for a cup of tea? I appreciate your visit.

  3. Am I too late for tea? I’d like just a splash of cream in mine, please, much to the dismay of my ancestors who I think would add sugar to honey if they could. This was wonderful, and you are the only person in the whole wide world who could’ve written it. Thanks for this.

    I see you have another “Heather” fan, so I’ll sign mine HU so you know who. 🙂

    • Hi HeatherU.. not to late, I just put the kettle on for a fresh pot, I think there is eneough cream!1
      I am so pleased to see your comment, and to have you visit as I know you are a very busy lady.
      You know that I am proud of Ra as a performer, but that is not the most important thing, to me. All three of my sons are pretty great men, husbands and fathers. That’s what I am the most proud of.

      So good to hear from you, The “other Heather” is the gal that worked with Carol, my niece and I, getting Johnny and Mr Fredericks ready to go out in hopes of finding a publisher.
      Love, Momm.

  4. Norma what a wonderful story about your son Ra and his band Trooper.I am so glad that I have been able to see Trooper on numerous occasions here in Northern Ontario.My husband and I have always been fans. You can see that you are proud of all your sons.It is through your encouragement,praise & setting good examples for your boys that made them the wonderful sons,husbands & fathers that the are today.

    • Hi Dianne! I missed your comment yesterday, so glad that I found you today. Your comments are always welcome. And I am glad to know that you are fans of Trooper!… and my son!
      sorry you missed tea yesterday!

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