Rural Neighbours.

When my sister’s husband died, she sold her place and bought a couple of acres from her son-in-law. She put a trailer on the property, and added a couple of rooms and a roof over all. At the back part of the property she fenced off a pasture where they could have horses, or sheep visit so they could “mow” the grass. It worked really well.

Her neighbour decided to build a combined garage and shed. Lena watched as it came into being, and was aware that they had infringed on her property.

What was the best way to retrieve her property without causing a rift in friendship?

She decided to extend the side fence… and when it got to where the shed was intruding, it was obvious that there was a problem. For the time being, Lena’s fence was built right through the inside of the building!

I thought it was hilarious, so took photos, and the next time we went there for a visit I presented an oil painting of it to her. She never did hang it … kept it sitting on the dresser in the bedroom.


12 thoughts on “Rural Neighbours.

  1. That is a great story and I love that painting Norma. I feel very prod to be a Vogler this morning- Ha! There are kinds of ways to get a message across without being too aggressive J

    Baseball practice has started up again, Christian is practicing (indoor) with the men’s team and later this month he is helping the coaches select players from an ID camp for the Nova Scotia team. I have a very busy summer ahead.

    Thanks for the tea Norma, no carrot cake today.

    • Good morning Phillip! You ate all the carrot cake? I eet you enjoyed it! I’ll pour your tea, and I do have some wonderful homemade whole wheat bread this morning. My niece, Carol brought it yesterday!

      The neighbour took down the part of the building that was encroaching on Lena’s property! She wouldn’t hang the painting because she didn’t want to cause hard feelings with her!

  2. Good Morning Aunty Norma,

    Thank you for telling this story about Grandma, I never knew this story, quite funny.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Love Daria

    • Good morning, Daria, YOur tea is poured..Cream? sugar? So good to have you back and to know that you are enjoying my meanderings!
      YOu have a wonderful day, too.
      Love, Auntie Norma.

  3. Hi Norma,

    I’ve been gone awhile, but I still get emailed your posts. Just wanted to stop in and check out the pictures of the fence–that’s fantastic! Did the neighbors ever say anything about it, or did the whole affair stay at an unspoken level?

    Nice work on that oil painting.

    • Hi Joel! Join us for tea? The fence showed where the actual line of the property was.. both my sister’s and the neighbours.. they apologized and removed what was on Lena’s side. There never was any hard feelings because it was handled so nicely!

      Thanks for your visit and your comment. I do hope you will come back often.

  4. A great story about your sister Norma and love the picture of the fence going right through the shed.She definitely didn’t want to make waves.I love how she handled the situation.Did the neighbours ever say anything? Hope your having a great day.Keep shining Norma!

  5. Hi Dianne, Tea’s ready… I even have some greasst home made bread that my niece brought yesterday. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. The neighbour apologized and removed the offending part of their building. No hard feelings… just some one building without checking their boundary line.

  6. Hi Carol… yes, and she got her property back, too!
    Good to see you visiting and thanks for the comment.
    Thanks for your Real visit yesterday, so good to see you.

  7. Hi, Norma – great story today. Makes me shake my head! Loved your photo – a picture is always worth a 1000 words. But, I love your words, too. 🙂

  8. Hi Heather! Fresh tea in the pot, so let’s haver a cup!

    I do appreciate your visit and your comment… I thought my sister was pretty smart the way she solved what could have been a nasty dispute!

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