God’s Plan

I have hesitated over the past few weeks… wondering if I should write about this… but it is a very huge part of my life, so bear with me, please.

We were married  Dec 8, 1947. We were living in a one room suite, with the bathroom “down the hall” that was shared by 3 other suites (5 other people), and the washing machine that we were allowed to use was in that bathroom! You might say it was a different time!

I was no longer working in the Royal Bank. My husband said his wife wasn’t going to work…  well, I got bored silly with next to nothing to do all day, and I finally talked him into “letting me” go to work.

I answered an ad in the paper and went to work for United Cigar stores. Their training station was at Carrol and Hastings, and the tram station was part of their store… where you had to go out there, selling magazines… with a cold wind funneling through the area. Part of what I had to do was go across the street to another one of their stores to relieve the person for his lunch hour. That meant I was alone in the store, in a pretty bad area.

After six weeks I decided to quit!

Are you still with me? It’s a round about way to get there, but eventually you will understand what all this leads up to.

Before looking for another job, we decided to take a little holiday and go across the line into the United States. We were just going to “play it by ear”, go until half our time was up, then head for home.

In order to go to the States, we had to fill out some forms at the bank.. A Form H to be more exact. The bank of Commerce was about a block from our home, so I went there to get some American money. They were very busy…even had the manager working the front counter… so I told him I would fill out the needed forms. He said, “Do you want a job? Come and see me when you get back.” I did, and went to work! I was head teller.

I had worked there for a year, and it was holiday time for me. Mickey got his holidays at the same time, and we were going to go across the line again, but this time we could go further as we had more time.

We took the car in for a check up to make sure it was in good condition for our trip! We had a canary, so loaded it and it’s cage in the back of the car and headed for Langley to leave it with my Mom.

We happened to run into a fella that worked for my brother-in-law. He was delivering pop to a store… so he got in our car, front seat, with me squeezed in the middle.  Heading down the road to go for a drink…the car in front of us stopped (for no reason). My husband slammed on the brakes and the left brake band broke. We were thrown out as the car overturned, and it landed on me. Broken shoulder blade, broken collar bone, and 6 ribs with 2 breaks in each rib, for a total of 12. Battery acid had spilled on my leg and it was more painful than the rest at the time.

Police came. I said, “Hello Constable Johnson. It’s  Norma.” Doctor came. I said, “Hello Doctor Rose, it’s Norma.”

The ambulance came and took me to Langley Memorial Hospital. No one expected me to live. But God’s plan for me was different!

Two weeks later I talked the doctor into letting me go to my parent’s place in Langley. It took a while before I could even get up without help, but I was back at work three months later. I’ll never forget that even though I had only worked at that bank for a year, they gave me full pay while I was off!

The garage that did the check up never billed us!

By the way, the canary survived even though the cage was quite squashed!

That was in May, 1949. My first son, Ra, was born in June , 1950.

Without the intervention of God, my three sons would never have been born!! And I am truly grateful.


9 thoughts on “God’s Plan

  1. I guess that all I can say is thank God!

    This is quite a story Norma; you were very fortunate to pull through an accident like this one. I bet the boys are very happy that you did too 🙂

    Incidentally – Faye works for the RBC now.

    I must finish my tea and get off to work – I hope you have a great week Norma!

    • Good morning Phillip!
      Have another cup of tea… after your breakfast one! It was very clear that God was looking after me and pulled me through that experience.
      Thanks for coming by and for your comment.

  2. I am with Phil,yes thank God you survived this accident Norma.But God had other plans for you my friend! It is good that you didn’t have the 3 boys already because being in the condition you were you would have needed help caring for them which would have been expensive to pay for help & an added burden to your husband who was probably under a lot of stress already!
    Thanks for sharing this story and for the cup of tea.Have a great day & keep shining!

  3. At the time you probably didn’t think there was anything good about that accident, but just surviving it was a miracle. Too bad seat belts hadn’t been compulsory back then.

    Often it’s only in retrospect that we can see how God made such difficult times become a positive part of our lives. And I’m sure your three sons would agree they are a very positive part of yours.

    • Good Morning, Carol,
      I had 6 ribs that had 2 breaks in each of them. The doctors left me for a week to let the swelling go down before they would operate to align those ribs. During that week, many special prayers were said on my behalf and when the week was over, they ex rayed the ribs again before the operation.
      You know what… those ribs had aligned themselves and there was no operation. Only God could pull that off! I didn’t need “retrospect” to KNOW what He had done.

      I weighed 90 pounds in that picture!

      Thanks for your visit, and your comment Carol!

  4. Wonderful story, Norma, and well told. 🙂 Yes, God moves about in our lives in the most amazing ways. A joy to read your employer was so kind, too!

    • Thanks for your visit and your comment, Heather. I appreciate every time you come for a cup of tea! Maybe next time there will be cookies!

      God is always with us, even though we sometimes forget that. Ask for his help, it will always come.

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