Our Van

Our painting displays were usually somewhere near where we lived in Vancouver… like Stanly Park.

One day a man came over to me and said he really liked my sketches of old buildings, and my husband’s work, as well.

He owned a mall at Williams Lake and another one in Quesnel, and anytime we wanted to show our paintings there, just see the manager and tell him/her that he had invited us!

As my sister lived in Quesnel,  that was a wonderful opportunity for a working vacation! We spent a week at the mall in Quesnel, then  traveled down to Williams Lake and spent another week there. The first time, we stayed in a motel, but that wasn’t too great an idea… too much noise from party  goers.

The second year we decided to stay in the van …. but where to park that was safe? We stopped at the police station  and asked where was the best place for us, and they said to  park in the police parking lot!

When we left town, I took a box of chocolates to them along with a thank you note…. And we were always welcome to stay there any time we wanted to!.

Our camperized van was well known around Vancouver as my husband painted a picture on the sides of it. The only picture I have of it was taken at the Abbotsford air show, with the doors open to let some fresh air in.

Getting back to Stanley Park. When I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, or a hamburger for lunch, it drove the other artists up the wall. You could smell what I was cooking for quite a distance, and the concession stand wasn’t open that early.  Onion soup did the same!

Here I go again… switching to another memory. I hope you will stay with me and see where I get us!

There are many fond memories of the people we met there. One Chinese Canadian boy , must have been in his early twenties, would stop by and tell us jokes! Like someone would say to him “Why don’t you go back where you came from?” and his reply was “To Kamloops?” He had some kind of disability that kept him from holding a job… but he would help his mom. When she made strawberry tarts, he would bring some to us!

At times he disrupted things. My husband would be doing a portrait, with people standing around watching, and he would start telling some of his jokes… Everyone was laughing, including my husband and the model! We did enjoy seeing him, and he seemed to enjoy visiting with us.


12 thoughts on “Our Van

    • Welcome to my blog… I’ve poured a cup of tea for you. Sugar?Cream? I do appreciate your stopping by and your comment. Nothing beats the smell of bacon and eggs early in the morning, especially in the park

  1. You could have made some good money selling breakfast to the other artists Norma! Thanks for sharing these nice memories with us. That is a great picture of the van as well. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for the tea – got to run.

    • Good morning Phillip, you’re welcome to have tea any time. The kettle is always boiling! Thanks for your visit and your comment. Always appreciated.

  2. A lovely story Norma.I see that you & Mickey traveled all over to show your paintings.
    It was wonderful that the Police let you park the van in their yard, and the opportunities it gave you to meet people.Of course some people are more memorable than others like the Chinese Canadian boy.Have a wonderful day & keep shining my friend!

    • Good morning Dianne. Pour a cup of tea and I will be right with you. Boy, this blog sure keeps me busy… hunting for photos to illustrate what I’m going to write. Good to keep busy. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Have a great day.

  3. I love your meanderings. 🙂 Great story – love that van. I’d love to have one for travelling around BC. Great picture on the side of yours – everyone would sure know you!

    • Hello Heather. Let’s have that cup of tea. I do so appreciate your visits and comments. Thank you. I do meander around in my writing, don’t I? Never know where I’ll take you.

      Our van was quite well known, that’s for sure.

  4. Your van was put to good use… a good all-purpose vehicle… so handy for accommodating everything from painting supplies to the two of you and your meals. 🙂

    • Hi Carol! I thought you were supposed to be concentrating on writing? Ok, you are allowed a little time out! Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I;ll put the kettle on and we can have ta.

    • Hi Norman… so good to have you visiting, and commenting. The kettles on if you would like tea? I have had a different kind of a life, haven’t I. I do think that my ramblings have been sparking memories in my reader’s minds, and that’s a good thing.
      Thanks, Norman.

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