Roasting On An Open Fire

In summer of I964 we headed for a holiday and a visit with my sister, Lena, and her husband, Al Campbell. They had sold the ranch in Beaver Valley, and moved to Quesnel, where they bought some acreage, with a house. They lived in that house, and eventually built a new one.

Al got busy clearing land, and had this huge pile of roots and branches that had been cleared off the property.

Norma and Mickey and the kids were going to come for their annual visit… so Lena had been busy baking. She made “hot dog” buns and had them all ready for their visit.

We had just got there and Al said he had to go to town, but wouldn’t be long. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he was back.

That huge pile of cleared wood had been saved until we got there…when he headed to city hall and got a burning permit, and he lit the biggest bonfire you ever saw for roasting wieners, marshmallows and potatoes! You had to have a very long stick to put the wiener or marshmallow on, as you could not get too close to that fire!

The boys had a great time, as did the rest of us.

Lena and Al gave us wonderful memories from those summer holiday visits. They were very special people and are held close in our memories. My sons loved those visits! So did we!


8 thoughts on “Roasting On An Open Fire

  1. Good morning Norma, great old photo and nice memories! You reminded me of the bonfires we used to have in the evenings sometimes at the camp I went to as a kid. I just vaguely remember that we used to sing a lot of songs and someone must have been playing a guitar. So I can imagine you all doing the same.
    It’s very windy around here today. It’d be too windy for a bonfire!
    Thanks for the tea and cookies and good memories! Hugs and have a great day!

    • Good morning Greg! How good to see you on this very windy day.. good thing we could have tea, and cookies. Sorry they weren’t home made.

      No sing a long at this particular bonfire… but I remember going with my family to some camping area. I was only 7 so not sure where it was. To get water to drink, someone had to go out in a boat… “Mrs. Hasty wants some water” brought the kids running to get it for her, as she paid them! I also remember Mom and dad telling about this guy … when they were around the campfire, singing, someone with a guitar, and he would say it was too bad he didn’t have his accordion with him. Well, one night, someone produced an accordion, and he did not know how to play it!
      Thanks for visiting, Greg!

    • Good morning Dianne… I’m a little late getting back to you,, sorry. The kettle’s boiling, so I’ll make a pot of tea. Thanks for your visit and your comment. I do appreciate them.

  2. Pretty well all of our campfires were at the Lake, or in later years on camping trips with our children. But I don’t think any of those fires could match the size of your sister’s bonfire! Hotdogs and marshmallows were always favourites for us, too. Once in a long while we buried potatoes in the coals and left them to cook through the night so we could eat them hot in the morning. That was a treat, slathered in butter!

    • Good morning Carol! Tea is ready. It was always so much fun to roast marshmallows and wieners. They tasted so much better over an open fire.

      Sounds like a prety wild time in Campbell River!

  3. Hi, Norma – I’m just catching up. 🙂 Actually, I couldn’t get through on one of the other blogs articles (sorry, can’t recall which) but here I am, for tea and cookies. This was a wonderful story – such a perfect time for everyone … make perfect memories.

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