An award!

Sheila, from the blog “On my Way There” has given me the Versatile Blogger award. I am grateful for the honour, and I do appreciate it. Thank you, Sheila!

I’m suppose to share ten things about myself. Let’s see…

  1. I’m an octogenarian.
  2. A photographer.
  3. A genealogist.
  4. A quilter
  5. I knit toques and mitts and donate them to the homeless.
  6. An artist.
  7. I enjoy reading.
  8. I’m trying to have a children’s book published.
  9. I live in an assisted living complex, but have my own suite.
  10. I make my own greeting cards.

As I am a relatively new blogger I haven’t established a large list of award -worthy blogs to follow yet, so won’t nominate any, but instead will just list a few of my current favourites that you might like to visit:

There are other non-blog places online that I like to visit:

I also spend a lot of time adding photos to my own Flickr page, and if you like photography you’re welcome to drop in there:

And of course, I always like a chance to invite visitors to browse my book’s website and blog:

*  *  *


9 thoughts on “An award!

    • Hi Heather, this was a surprise, but I didn’t say no! I just poured tea… and there are some cookies over there. Thanks for coming by and for your comment.

    • Hi Shari! Of course your blog is included in my list! Thanks for dropping by, and for your comments. Let’s have that cup of tea!

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