Cook Books Part 2

You must have guessed that my story was not going to end there, but was going to include a twist.  Years later,  I belonged to a church that wanted to raise money. Did you ever meet one that didn’t want to raise money? So, I proposed a cook book, and was given some help by my neighbour, but she was usually too busy when needed for action.

I got on the phone and sold ads to different companies. Ten dollars for a half page ad… and it came with art work My husband did the ads, and designed the cover, which he and I silk screened. My sister in law typed the stencils, and we ran all the pages on a gestetener machine at the community center.

That’s when the work got started as we had to put all the pages together and add the cover.

Each member of the Church group was asked to sell ten cook books. Very few of them did. I went to Eatons and sold them 100 copies. We ended up having to do a second printing,

And another turn in my story. Another group who wanted to raise money. Guess who came up with an idea? A heritage cook book, and I hand wrote every page. My husband did some of the drawings, while I did some of the easier ones.

The plan was to get pre orders, and that would pay for publishing, but no one was willing to even try.  So, that one never got printed. I have the original copy, 189 pages. I scanned it into my computer… and ran one copy as a gift to one of my daughters in law.

It caused quite a bit of trouble in the group, with one lady (?) in particular. She got in a huff because I wouldn’t include microwave recipes in a heritage cook book. Actually, she was my cousin’s wife… and that split up a very good relationship with my cousin.

And so, Great, Great Grandma’s Cook Book sits on my shelf! And aren’t you lucky… as usual, you get three stories in one!


8 thoughts on “Cook Books Part 2

    • Hello Shiela, Join us for a cup of tea? I am honored to receive this award. Not sure how to handle it so I have asked my niece for help.

      • Put on some Earl Grey, my favorite. I have a cup or two each morn. I understand. It took me a few to figure it all out. Love your blog.

  1. Your one-of-a-kind cookbook is more valuable in many ways than if you’d had several copies made to sell. I’ll bet all its recipes were personally tested, too. I’d love to browse through it sometime when I’m visiting… while we’re having one of your wonderful cups of tea. 😉

  2. any time carol! Hope it’s soon, but I know you have a lot to do besides visit here, especially when I keep asking favours and more information on how to proceed with this blog! Thanks for your help.

  3. This was a wonderful story (or three!). Very enjoyable – and I loved the drawings. Perhaps you will show me it to me the next time I visit. 🙂

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