Wind Storm.

We had put on a week-long show in the mall at Quesnel. We stayed with my sister, and were able to visit in the evenings. When we left there, we headed to Williams Lake and another show at Boitano Mall. We were parked in the police station parking lot (their suggestion) for the whole week.

It was almost like a picnic as every evening at supper time, I cooked in the van!

On Saturday, the last day of the show, I looked out the doors and could see nothing but brown. I had no idea what was going on until someone said “don’t go out there. It’s a wind storm.”

Luckily for us, by the end of the afternoon, the storm was over. We were headed for a visit with Jack and Dot, my husband’s brother and his wife. They had a home at Oie Lake. You turned off the main road just above 100 Mile House, on the Canim Lake Road. Not long after, you turned again on to the one lane trail to their home.

Once again, we were lucky. The wind had taken a swath right through the area  and uprooted all the large trees. Someone else had gone over that road after the storm, and they had sawed out the logs that were blocking the way… except for the small one in the picture.

We spent a couple of days with them… even caught some fish in the creek. That was fun and very relaxing. We headed off to Vancouver and home, where I did an oil painting from one of my photographs.


8 thoughts on “Wind Storm.

    • kettles on, Heather! You are just in time for a cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you had a good weekend… back to work tomorrow!

  1. Traveling around in your van with your husband to show your paintings caused you have many adventures,even some unexpected ones like the wind storm.Like all the pictures you presented with this story Norma!Have a great evening & keep shining Norma!

    • I just poured a cup of tea fr you, Dianne. No cookies though. Thanks for coming by and for your comments. They are really appreciated.

  2. Hi Greg… I put the kettle on. It’s great to have you visit, and comment, and I do so appreciate it.
    Did you think any more about getting a bread making machine? Have a great week yourself, and check back for a cup o f tea, and maybe some cookies.

  3. There have been a lot of fish caught in that creek — tasty rainbow trout for breakfast (not my preference, but Dad thought it was great). Our children, and now some of our grandchildren caught their very first fish there. Good memories.

    That’s a lovely painting!

  4. Good morning Carol. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I thought this would bring you memories… good ones! It was a little too late for tea last night, so we will have to catch up later.

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