Hunting Trip.

I met my husband in Williams Lake when I was returning from a trip to visit my sister in BeaverValley. He was stationed there at the time.  Without going into details, I never heard from him for four years. When he finally got in touch with me on the telephone, he was leaving the next day on a hunting trip with his father and two brothers.

Needless to say, he did contact me when he got back!

For a few years when we were first married, that hunting trip happened each fall. They went to the interior of British Columbia, in the Cariboo. To be more specific, Oie Lake Area.

It was important not to shoot a moose too early in their trip, or they would have to head home to have it butchered and put into cold storage. Whoever shot the moose willingly split the meat three ways. Ray was still living at home, or out on his own, and didn’t want the meat.

There were many stories told about those trips. One was the night they were on a mountain and saw the aurora borealis and thought the world was coming to an end.

Another, when my husband got lost. He lit a fire and kept it going all night to keep predatory animals away. In the morning, there was a circle of tracks in the snow around him, as “they” circled, with hopes of a meal! The rest of the group were out at daybreak looking for him, and eventually found him walking along the road that had been only a few feet from him, but in the dark, he had to stay put.

Their dad would always lose his mitts, so they finally tied them together and hung them around his neck!

Yes, this turns into another story. When we went to get some steaks from the cold storage plant, they were all gone. No, we didn’t use them. The storage plant had stolen them for some outdoorsmen’s dinner party. We were very lucky that we had kept a record of what was in there, and what we had taken out. Ended up they had to replace them with beef steaks.


10 thoughts on “Hunting Trip.

  1. Morning Norma! A wonderful story about the hunting trip & great pictures too.
    A good thing the storage plant had to replace the stolen meat!My husband doesn’t hunt but my granddaughter Shayna & her boyfriend are both avid hunters.She even got a bow for hunting for Christmas.Have a wonderful day Norma! keep shining!

    • Evening, Dianne! I was too busy to get back to you earlier. Lets have that cup of tea. I do appreciate your visits, and your comments. Thanks, Dianne.

  2. Those annual hunting trips continued for many years, didn’t they, although the participants eventually changed. In my generation it became my Dad with my husband and a friend, and later also my son… and for the first time last fall a grandson. I tell people I was raised on moose meat and venison! I’d never heard about that stolen meat episode, although I remember our meat being kept at a public freezer. Great memories! I love that photo of the three brothers!

    • Good evening, Carol, Hope you had a nice, relaxing day. I’ll pour us a cup of tea. Harry stopped going on the hunting trips the same time that Dadad was not able to go any longer. That moose meat came in very handy in those days.

    • Good evening, Heather! I hope my email arrived? Let’s have that cup df tea… I even have a few cookies. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging comments.

  3. I have many VERY fond memories of “hunting trips” to Oie with Gramps and Gram and my family — of course, I wasn’t one of the hunters, but I sure loved the annual trips! 🙂

  4. P.S. — thank you for the quilt batting! I used some of it the other night — basted my “quilt sandwich” together. It’s a large lap-quilt in shades of blue with an ocean-theme print border. Not sure when I’ll get to the quilting, though, but hopefully soon!

  5. Thanks for coming by, Shari… wish it was in person… I so enjoyed your visit with your mom. Anyway, I am glad that the quilt batt found a home where it would be useful… now, when you are quilting that quilt, or using it, you will remember me! Almost forgot… the kettle’s boiling, so we can have our tea.

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