Jim and flowers

As most of you know, I live in an assisted living complex. Some of the residents need more help than others. I am one of the fortunate ones, and I am grateful for that.

We had a very nice man, Jim, living here. He was in a motorized chair as he was partially paralyzed… such a nice man. He bought Purdy’s chocolates and gave them out to people that he was in contact with… a lot of chocolates.

Jim passed a couple of weeks ago. Purdy’s sent chocolates for his memorial service!

Jim’s family were very grateful for all the kindnesses that were extended to him. They were very cognizant of what everyone had done for him, and they sent a magnificent flower arrangement to Bidar, staff, and residents to thank them.

The second day it was here, it had started to fade, and in three days it was dying. It was obvious that the flowers used had not been fresh. I went to Bidar and said that it was a very expensive arrangement, probably $200.00, and it should not be dying, and he should call the florist … so he phoned, and even put me on as “the lady that knew flowers”!

The following day, upon return of the dying arrangement, a new, beautiful arrangement replaced it in our lobby.

Over the years, this has happened to me twice before… and in each case, I had the florist replace the dying flowers. Someone had spent hard earned money, and they were entitled to have fresh flowers sent in their name.


8 thoughts on “Jim and flowers

  1. I agree with you. I have done this myself on a couple of occasions. I am so glad that Lynda told me about your blog. So now I will be able to read your fantastic comments in Edmonton. We have also set Mom (Vivian Martindale) up so she gets them and she is thrilled to read them.

  2. Oh Beverly! How wonderful to hear from you! Wow! It’s been many years, hasn’t it! Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you are “out there” I do hope you will drop by often for a cup of tea, and maybe a cookie! Love!

  3. Great story, Norma. I took floral design for several years and, yes, that was an expensive arrangement. The tulips don’t last long but there were many other flowers which should last for several weeks – and some just dry out looking gorgeous. I’m so happy you stepped in and had the original replaced.

  4. Good morning, Heather. I knew it was expensive because I had to send flower because of a death, and had been checking out prices. What bothers me is that people pay hard earned money, and expect the best, but in this case, they didn’t use fresh. Even in the replacement arrangement a couple of carnations were dead the next day. I would not go to that florist!

    By the way, I lived near a florist when we were first married, and I offered to work for free if they would teach me… no deal! Couldn’t afford to pay for classes!

    The kettles on… let’s have that cup of tea. Thanks for coming by and for your comment.

  5. Norma,it is Monday evening sorry I am so late in getting to your blog.
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Jim.It was nice of you to consider all the money that his
    family had sent on those flowers that were not freshly done and began dying.It was only proper
    they they be replaced.Flower arrangements are so very expensive and should last longer than
    3 days.Hope your having a lovely evening.Keep shining!

  6. Such a shame to see beautiful flowers go to waste like that! While I can think of a few reasons a florist might have given for why they died so quickly, none were justified in this case. At least they replaced them without argument. Your various ‘photo journals’ are always good back up if someone needs proof of something. 🙂

    • Hi Carol. Yes they replaced them, but what they used in the replacement were not that fresh, either. Carnations dying the second day! I would not go to that florist if I needed flowers!
      Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I’m just catching my breath as I did my personal wash after supper… and just finished hanging it all up!

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