Rocking horses

My husband loved to carve. I think I’ve told you that before.,, but it needs repeating!

Before we had any family of our own, he carved his first horse for his sister’s family. Luckily, we have a picture of it. It was left outside in all kinds of weather, and it did not survive. They didn’t realize what a treasure it was.

He carved  a rocking horse for each of our families. Gary’s  and Ra’s kids loved riding on them, and they still have them, quite a few years later.

Danny didn’t want rockers on his “rocking horse”…, and he never allowed the girls to ride on it. He eventually built a mantle over his fireplace that had the perfect spot for his horse… and it is still in ”mint condition.”

All three of these horses are well taken care of and are treasured as family heirlooms.

One time he was being interviewed for TV. The lady asked him how he could carve a horse out of that wood? He said it was easy, ”just carve away everything that doesn’t look like a horse.”


10 thoughts on “Rocking horses

  1. What a stunning carved horse, Norma. It took my breath away this morning!. Wow! The photo, on its own merrits, is also very beautiful.
    Hope your day is wonderfully special….and thanks for tea. 🙂

    • Good morning Heather, Thanks for coming by , and for your comment.. Isn’t it a beautiful carving?! You’re just in time for tea… the kettle is boiling. Years ago, an English friend of my parents said a kettle had to be VERY boiling in order to make tea!
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Auntie Norma, The horse that Uncle Buddy made for us was more treasured than you know. Since it was almost life sized it couldnt fit in the house. It did however bring joy to 7 kids not to mention all the kids on the street. It was ridden almost everyday for probably 15 or more years. so yes we knew what a treasure it was and we loved it and will always have cherished memories of the horse we all rode. it was one of the kindest gifts we ever received and we did know what we had. Thanks for bringing the memory back to the forefront for me. I show my Grandkids the pictures of us on our horse. They think we were pretty lucky too .

    • Well hello Kallie… how good to hear from you… kettle’s boiling so we can have tea. As a youngster, I’m sure you thought that horse was life size… but it wasn’t. There probably wasn’t much room in that little house for such a large family and a horse… and I’m sure you did love it and treasured it. It’s too bad that your parents didn’t find an undercover place for it, instead of out in the “bush” behind Nana and Daddad’s. Lot’s of good memories connected to it, I’m sure.
      Been a long time since I’ve seen you… I hope you are well and enjoying life and your grandkids!

  3. That photo… and the horse itself… is breathtaking!! I didn’t realize just how many horses he actually made. A lot of children have received pleasure from the horses he lovingly carved — some as much used toys and, in Danny’s case, some as works of art. One of my favourite memories of a wonderful hand made toy is of the large doll house he and my Dad made for me. It had a flip-up roof and removable second floor, and Uncle Buddy finished the interior so beautifully just like a real house, right down to painting rugs on the floor, pictures on the wall, and with the address stencilled above the front door… using the same address of the house where my parents and I were living.

    I wonder how many dads (and uncles!) today would spend that kind of time hand making toys for their children. 🙂

    • Hi Carol! Tea is ready!..That doll house was made in our basement, and they had such a good time making it. The address would not have been stenciled… remember, he was also a sign painter! Did gold leaf jobs on banks, etc!

      Back “in the day’ it was quite common for parents to make toys for their kids… stuffed animals was my part! There was not TV to distract them, and making toys was part of a way of life that has probably gone by the way. Too bad.

    • Hi Dianne… pull up a chair and I’ll pour the tea. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I always appreciate your visits… and I’ll try to keep shining!

  4. I love the richness of the dark horse and the pose. I also loved seeing the photo of Mickey on the horse – ride ’em cowboy! Thank you for sharing your stories and photos.

    • Hi Norma… tea? Cream? sugar? I can’t remember what everyone takes in their tea! Thanks for coming by and for your comment. I hope you and Gord, and the rest of the family , are all well.

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