Townline Road

I’m jumping all around as my memory directs, and I do hope you don’t mind, I start out writing one story and it brings memories flooding back, and away I go!

We had been living in a one room suite in Vancouver, but now that we had our first son, it wasn’t suitable. We also had bought property next to the Sr. McGuire’s property (that’s another story) My husband wanted to be closer to the property so he would have time to clear it and start building a  house.

We found a cute house on Townline Road, living room, bedroom and kitchen. We didn’t have any furniture, or an outhouse! Mom and Dad loaned us the money to buy a used one and Mickey hauled it home in the shop truck.

It was so nice to be on our own with a yard for Ra to play in. There were cherry trees and the landlord told us we could have the fruit…. Uh uh, he lied. First sign of ripe cherries and he pulled up with some of his friends and stripped the tree… every bit of it.

Just out side the back door was a cupboard to store things in, and it had door on it.  One night when Mickey was working late at the shop I was alone with Ra, He was in his crib in the bedroon.

Well, nature called and I had to go out to the outhouse. As I stepped out the back door, the door of the cupboard swung open, and scared me so bad, I went back in and hid in the bedroom with Ra until his dad got home!

This is turning into another story… While we were living there, Mickey was in a car accident on his way home from work, and broke his arm. As we didn’t have a phone, he had them call his parents who lived about a mile away from me. They went in to New Westminster to the hospital to see him, but never bothered to tell me what had happened until the next afternoon. I had no idea why he didn’t make it home from work, and I can tell you, I was very worried.

And, it takes another turn here. We had to get our water out of a well and heat it on the stove to wash, and also to wash clothes. I had to use a scrub board for that. Don’t forget, there were no disposable diapers in those days.

I was pregnant, and now Mickey had a broken arm. Neither of us could haul water out of the well, so we moved to a little house on McGuires property. They had used it when building their house.

We had some difficulties over the use of their water, and washing machine that I don’t care to elaborate on … so eventually we moved back to Vancouver. Mickey had much less traveling time to get to work, and we were much happier there.


8 thoughts on “Townline Road

  1. Good morning Norma,after reading this story I realized just how convenient we housewives have
    compared to what you had to go through.I could not imagine having to pump water from a well to wash with & do laundry with and a scrub board.We naturally take it for granted that we just have to
    turn on a tap and the water comes out hot or cold.And the wash is simple also just pull a knob and the water automatically comes out. Plus you had one child and were pregnant for another and had to wash diapers as no disposables were yet invented.Although times seems so hard I do know that life was simpler & I believe less stressful.Have a great day my friend.Thanks for the wonderful cup of tea.Keep shining!

    • Hi Dianne… and welcome. Kettle’s boiling, so time for tea. You know, there was no pump on that well… just a bucket to haul the water up! then we had to heat the water on top of the stove before we started on the scrub board! Those were the “good old days” Ha!

      Thanks for coming by and for your visit. You are always appreciated.

  2. What a lot of challenges you faced! Interesting how memories trigger additional ones. Yours reminded me of a summer my hubby and I spent tending a couple small churches in Saskatchewan when our first child was just fourteen months old. We lived in three rooms attached to one of the churches. It had an outhouse, too, and no water — we hauled water from a community well a block away, five gallons at a time using a wagon, or sometimes in the trunk of the car, and I heated it on the stove to wash diapers. After the first couple weeks of that, we began driving to the next town to use a laundromat so we didn’t have to haul so much water. I remember it as the summer of gravel roads, and a resulting miscarriage! Not the happiest of memories, although it was an interesting time in our lives.

    • Good morning Carol. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Memories trigger memories, don’t they? so you’ve “been there, done that”, life in the “good old days”! Teas ready, so lets sit a while and enjoy it.

  3. Good morning, Norma 🙂 What were they thinking, not telling you about the car accident?! I can only imagine the worry. Thankfully, it did not happen the very same night as the cupboard door incident. Good grief.
    I concur with Dianne. We’ve got all these conveniences now, but most young women have to drop off children at Daycare before racing off to their own jobs. You never hear the term “Women’s Liberation” anymore. heheh
    Hope your day is wonderful. The tea biscuits were divine!:)

    • Good morning Heather. I’m so glad you liked those tea biscuits… I will have to make some more of them as those are gone! Yes, we had some hard rimes… with all the work we had to do, and lack of cold hard cash… but we had the privilege of staying home and raising our kids ourselves… and didn’t hand them over to baby sitters to influence them. If I had it to do over? I think I would choose the life that we had!

  4. Wow! We really don’t appreciate how easy we have it now. You really have lived through a time when there were so many changes in the world. Many of those changes have been wonderful, but I bet we can all look back to times in our lives and wish it was still like it use to be. I’m guessing that living in that little house on Townline road wasn’t at time that you look back on fondly….. 🙂

    • Good morning Norma. Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Townline road has some fond memories… but I can’t say the same for the next place where we lived. We were both much happier after moving back to Vancouver. I hope you enjoyed the tea.

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