Christmas in July

There was a difference of 7 years between my sister, Lena, and I…When I was eleven years old was the last Christmas that we spent together.

She married Al Campbell the 21st of November, 1934, at age eighteen, and moved back to Beaver Valley in the Caribou. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of summers with them, until their daughter was born. Lena was expecting her second child, and there was just too much to do for her to have me there for the summer.

We were both raising our families.. she had a daughter and two sons. I had three sons, just a little younger than their cousins.

As the children grew we were once again able to visit for a couple of weeks in the summer. Those were very special times. Then, after they moved to Quesnel, we went there. Her son, Les and his wife Dayle were so good to us. They drove us to a lot of the out lying areas, had picnics, and generally gave us a good time. By this time they had three kids. A daughter, and twin sons.

One year when we were visiting, we decided to have Christmas in July. Dale cooked a turkey dinner, and when we went for a drive, we played and sang Christmas Carols.

We didn’t have this table centerpiece, nor the wreath… these pictures are from my Langley home, where I made them for my neighbour and for ourselves.

Leslie was born 25  Feb 1943, and died 29 June, 2005. Very difficult for a mother to lose a son. Lena passed 4 March 2010  at age 94. Her husband predeceased her Nov. 9, 1969.

We all hold them dear in our hearts.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Aunty Norma,

    Thank you so much for posting that story and those great photos of me. I am excited to show Derek tonight when I get home. I still have the book you gave me that summer.

    Love Daria

    • Good morninkg, Daria… how great to see you here. I’ll pour the tea. Cream? sugar? I remember the first time your folks were coming to visit and were bringing three kids.. I wasn’t too sure I could handle that… but you, Hughie and Robbie were so good. What a pleasure it was.. And you had your first Easter egg hunt at our place.
      Your folks were so good to us when we visited , staying with Lena. They took us to all the outlying areas, and had picnics, just made our visits very special. Thanks for coming by, Daria, and letting me know that you like my post!

  2. Good morning, Norma – great idea! The weather is too wicked for safe travel in the winter – so move the date. 🙂 It’s the spirit of Christmas – not the date on the calendar.

    • Good morning, Heather. You are just in time for tea… even have some nice biscuits to go with it.I do appreciate your visits and comments…. have a great day.

  3. Such wonderful memories and photos to have and be able to share. Your family will appreciate that you have written down “your story” so it can forever be shared. 🙂
    My mom wrote about her life and also about my dad’s, and it is something that I really cherish.

  4. You must miss Lena a lot. Your families shared some great times together. Being an only child I didn’t realize what I missed out on, but seeing how our own three children interact with each other’s families I realize how nice it would have been to have a sibling.

    Christmas in July sounds like fun! My Mom used to cook a turkey in August when we would visit them at Oie, but it was to celebrate all the family July and August birthdays.

  5. Good morning Carol. Thanks for your visit and comment. I’ll pour the tea so we can sit and visit for a spell. Although I was one of four, by the time I was eleven years old, I was the only one around.

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