19626 48a Ave., Langley, B.C.

We lived on Muirfield Dr. in the Fraserview area of Vancouver for 35 years. We raised our family there. There came a time when all three of our sons and their families had moved from Vancouver… two to Surrey and one to White Rock.

Fraserview was changing. Fraserview homes, as we knew them, were only thirty five years old, but were being bought up, and torn down to make room for monster houses. The new residents, in a lot of cases, were of Asian descent and had more than one family living in the homes. This was an area of single-family dwellings so it was a major change.

With our families all now living on the “other side of the bridge”, we decided it was time for us to move. Our home was two stories and a basement, so a lot of stairs. We decided to look for a bungalow, without stairs, while we still could.

We went out with a real estate agent about once a week for three months until we found “just what we wanted” in Langley. We put a bid on it, subject to the sale of our Vancouver home.  We listed our home and it sold in ONE day, and we got more than we were asking for it as we had two buyers bidding for it at the same time.

With the sale of our Vancouver home, the subjects came off our Langley bid, and we had a new home. This was in October, 1988 but neither the owners nor us wanted to move over Christmas, so possession date was the 15th of. January, 1989. That gave us a lot of time to get ready… and we had a lot of “stuff” to pack!

Danny had a big truck, so the boys took a load out the night before the big moving day. They came back and loaded his truck again, ready to leave in the morning. We had a moving van come for a load, then Danny and the boys loaded his truck for the third time. I said we had a lot of stuff!

Mickey went with the moving van, while the dog and I waited for the boys to come back. Ra drove our car with me and Skippy as passengers. I forgot to tell you… we moved in a snow storm! I didn’t drive in snow!

We were exhausted! It took us a couple of weeks to  get settled in and regain some energy. Then my husband kept looking at that beautiful big cedar tree in our front yard. He said it needed a bear in it, and proceeded to carve one!

Little kids out walking with their parents stopped daily to talk to that bear!  Eventually Mickey carved a “guy” and we dressed him in clothes from Valu Village… and put him above the bear. Do you remember the song “The Preacher and The Bear”?  Where he says “ Lord if you can’t help me, for goodness sake, don’t you help that bear!”

It was a good move, and we had wonderful new neighbours. The double garage was a parking spot for our car, but the rest of the area was turned into a workshop for my husband. We had some good years there. Good memories.


8 thoughts on “19626 48a Ave., Langley, B.C.

  1. Loved your story and photos today. How wonderful that the sale went so well on your old home. This rancher looks just superb!

    • tea’s ready, Heather… you are just in time. I even have some cookies today.Not home made though! I did lov the rancher, and we enjoyed the almost 20 years that we lived there. The people that bought the Langley house gutted out the inside, and changed the plan all around. they even moved the front door over. It is not the same place… and they took that gorgeous cedar tree down.

  2. Beautiful bungalow you bought Norma and i love that your husband carved a bear for
    the tree.That would be such an interesting image to see.I am sure you met many people just by them stopping and looking! Happy Good Friday! Keep shining!

    • Hi Carol! How could you miss seeing that bear? Probably because you drove your car in past it. You had to look up to see it. Isn’t this a gorgeous day for Good Friday!
      Thanks for coming… lets have tea!

  3. Hi Norma,
    Downsizing is always very difficult – we tried with our last move, but still have a basement full of “treasures”. Your home in Langley was so warm and inviting. Gord and I loved looking up and discovering the bear the first time we came to visit! Did the bear stay put for the new owners?

  4. Hi Norma, Thanks for coming by and for your comment. Teas poured. No, the bear eventually rotted from the weather and fell out of the tree! Poor thing! The little kids loved to stop and talk to the bear… it was fun to look out the window and see them standing there carrying on a conversation!

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