Wanda Strikes again!

Do you remember Wanda from a previous post? Of course that is not her name… but she is still around.

Well, I just wrote about the beautiful floral arrangement that had to be replaced because the florist did not use fresh flowers in the original piece.

The second arrangement was beautiful, and emitted quite a perfume. It had some lilies in it.  A note was attached to it, saying “flowers are beautiful but some people have allergies,” and it was removed and set on a high shelf in the hallway, where everyone has to pass when going for meals. It was now in an enclosed space and the aroma was even more noticeable.

The spot chosen for it made me aware that Wanda had struck again. I had staff put it back in its original location, chosen by the manager. I put a note saying “Do NOT move.”

Wouldn’t you think that was the end of my story? Uh uh!

Next day when I came down, first thing I did was look to see if the flower arrangement was still where it should be. Yep! There it was!… but wait… something’s missing!

Wanda had the nerve to remove the four lilies that had been part of the arrangement!

I had taken a picture of the new arrival, so we know that there were lilies. I reported it to Bidar as it happened on the weekend when he wasn’t here.

He told me that “Wanda” is receiving counseling, and is better than when she first arrived. At that time she removed a Creche from the Christmas display and took it home!  I do hope she continues to improve.


2 thoughts on “Wanda Strikes again!

  1. Hi, Norma – what a difference the lillies made to the arrangement. Thankfully, the staff are onto Wanda’s challenges and are working on them. I guess the only thing to do now is to keep them informed and hope for the best!

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