Buddy Clyde’s Broadcast Course

The other night I was having trouble getting back to sleep after a trip to the bathroom, so I got up and turned on the TV for a while before going back to bed. There was a movie starting…”Born To Dance” with Eleanor Powell. Boy, could that lady dance. I didn’t watch it, but it sure brought me back down memory lane again.

Ra was 13 in 1963. He MC’d shows at high school and really enjoyed doing it and decided he wanted to take a broadcast course.

About this time, Buddy Cllyde, a CKWX announcer was going to give a course, but students were supposed to be 15. Somehow we convinced him that our 13 year old should be allowed in. As it turned out, Ra topped the class.

The course cost $50.00, and we certainly didn’t have that kind of money to give him. We tried to keep things even between our three boys, so if we gave him fifty dollars, we would have to do the same for the other two!

Ra had been interested in Flying saucers, and had some books on the subject…He sold all of them to get enough money for the course!

The classes were held in West Vancouver, on the Gordon Gibson estate… so guess who got to drive him, and another boy, to the classes…and had to wait for three hours while the class was held.  Yep, that’s me!

I’m going to take a little side road here, but will come back to this main story.

Sometimes I would just sit in the car and wait… but once in a while I went down to Park Royal shopping center. One day while I was there a film crew came along, shooting for Littlest Hobo. I saw them coming, and turned my back to the street… sure enough, when the episode aired, there I was with my back to the camera!

Back to class! As part of the course, students were given assignments. Ra was to interview Eleanor Powell, who was appearing at the Cave Supper Club.

As Ra was under age, I had to go with him. We sat drinking very expensive ginger ales until intermission time, and then headed back stage. By the time it was our turn to see her, she had to go back on stage. She told us to come the next night, but to come early, before the show started and she would see us.

This lady was so very kind to Ra. Someone interrupted to say there was a phone call for her, and she said “I’m doing an interview,” and would not take the call. She embarrassed Ra at one point by telling him to feel her leg… to see how hard the muscles were from all the dancing. She was one very classy lady, and boy, how she could dance!


11 thoughts on “Buddy Clyde’s Broadcast Course

  1. Hi Norma! Your family seems to have tried a little bit of everything – did Ra do much more in broadcasting? I’m sure that the course helped him with his great stage presence that he has now. Thanks for sharing another great story. 🙂

  2. Another wonderful example of how you supported the career dreams of your children! I, too, wonder if Ra ever got a chance to make use of those new skills.

    I had to look up Eleanor Powell to learn more about her (http://bit.ly/HL5ndz). She apparently did well, combining a career in both acting and dancing. What a thrill it must have been for Ra to do a live interview with her!

    • Hi Carol, I think he really used those skills all through his career, … it didn’t do any harm, that’s for sure. Thanks for coming by and for your comments. Oops! I forgot… the kettle’s boiling… time for tea!

  3. Good article and photos Norma! Such a good idea for Ra to take a broadcasting course, and so enterprising of him to sell some books to get the money for it!
    I bet that’s a good musical movie with great dancing. So neat that Ra interviewed her at the Cave Supper Club. From what I hear, a lot of big names performed in that place.
    I have a link for you too. (And I’ll take a look at Carol’s.) This is a little YouTube video with some great dancing, edited to look like they’re dancing to the BeeGees hit “Stayin’ Alive”: http://alturl.com/p8zai
    Have a great day! Are you a hockey fan Norma? Go Canucks!

    • Welcome, Greg! How do you like your tea? Thanks for coming by and for your comments, and thanks for the links. When we saw her at the cave, she was dressed in an outfit like in the second picture. Tights? I don’t know what they called them!

  4. Lovely store Norma.How nice that you and your husband tried to encourage your sons interests even when it was tight on the pocketbook.My family was much the same with me & my siblings.
    I am glad that ra was able to pursue this interst but glad it wasn’t his career choice or there might not have been the group “Trooper” and would would not have heard his fabulous voice!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Keep shining!

    • HI Dianne… I almost missed your comment! Oops! Thank you for your visit, and comment ..I really do appreciate them. I have the kettle boiling so we can have a cup of tea.

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