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Hello readers of Noni Grace’s wonderful writings.  My name is Dave Chesney and I have known the Mcguire family for many years in various stages of my life.  Noni’s son Gary was a musical friend for a number of years.  Her other son Ra I only recently met.  I say recent because it was not until about 4 years ago I actually met Ra.  Ra the lead singer of the legendary rock band TROOPER and I both came up through the  Canadian music industry pretty much at the same time.   Ra on the performing side, me on the business end of the industry.  It still seems very strange to me that we never actually met until a couple of years ago.  We both now make our homes here in White Rock.

Five years ago I decided to direct my efforts to creating Canada’s FIRST internet newspaper The White Rock Sun.

Recently I was invited to a gathering at Ra and Debbie and their son Connor’s  home in White Rock.  The opportunity afforded me a golden opportunity to sit down with Noni and revisit some of the past memories we shared.  Including the fact I have a portrait of myself and one of my father that her late husband Mickey done when they used to set up at the Guildford Town Centre and display their artwork.  The guildford shopping centre was located just blocks from the family home in North Surrey.

Well one conversation with Noni led to another and soon we were both lamenting how it seemed strange TROOPER had not yet been chosen for unduction into Canada’s Music Hall of Fame.  Her’s based on motherly pride, mine based on my knowledge of the Canadian music industry and the important role TROOPER played in the history of Canadian music.   As our conversation unfolded  I glanced across the room and saw Ra making note his mother and I were in deep conversation.

The next morning as I was preparing the daily version of The White Rock Sun I got to thinking about our conversation and decided I would start a campaign to lobby for TROOPER’S induction into the Hall of Fame.  I decided I would not contact Ra directly.  My motivation was not based on a personal friendship, but from a professional point of view.

I hope you take the time to visit you will fnd the start of the article on the main page.  If you share Noni’s and my beliefs it is time to right this wrong, well together “Let’s Raise A Little Hell.”

….and Noni keep those wonderful stories coming.  I particularly liked the carved bear n the tree and rocking horse stories!

Sincerely Yours

Dave Chesney


White Rock Sun


8 thoughts on “Guest Post

  1. I am so with you on this one Dave, we need to do something about this so heading to your article and going to start posting it on Facebook

    • Right on Lynda! Welcome and thanks for your comment and your participation! After all, you’ve know the McGuire family even before Dave! I do hope you and your friends will get onboard and see what we can do. It’s time that Trooper got the recognition they deserve. Of course, I’m not the least bit prejudiced! I just came back to pour your tea!

  2. Thanks for this excellent guest post, Dave. Trooper is well known to be legendary in Canada’s music scene so I’m glad to hear others decrying their omission in the CMHOF. I’ve sent off my e-mail to CARAS. I’ve also been nominating Ra for Canada’s 2012 Walk of Fame: I’d really like to see Ra and Trooper get these acknowledgements they’ve long deserved.

    • Hi Carol! I totally agree with what you are saying, so I am glad that others are saying it as well. There will be more on this on tomorrows post, so stay tuned! I just poured tea… forgot to invite Lynda!… she grew up with our boys!

    • Good morning Lynda… your tea is poured… how about a cookie?Homemade…but not by me!
      It’s great to see you supporting Ra and Trooper. Did you notice that you can vote once EVERY day, so keep going back! Thanks for your visit and your comment! And your help!

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