My Brother Horace

My two brothers were a little older than me. Clendon was ten years older, and Horace was nine years older.

They went to Brentwood College in Victoria, and the two of them were the top students of the school. Horace studied very hard, and was in first place. Clendon had a photographic memory, didn’t bother to study, and came second.

After the few years that our family lived in the Cariboo, we moved back to Vancouver… jobs were very hard to come by. Horace got work as a tallyman, and book keeper for Gibson Bros, and went to work at Port Hardy on Vancouver Island in May, 1938.

One day the crew was going out to a location, riding in the back of a truck. As they were going up a hill, the brakes gave way, and the truck started rolling backwards, down the hill.  The driver yelled for those in the back to jump… but my brother Horace didn’t get clear. The truck rolled on him.

He was flown to Zebellos, but he died there. It was  ten days before his twenty-fifth birthday.

I was 15… he was my brother and my pal. I was devastated. It must have been even worse for my mom and dad. 74 years ago…but I don’t forget.

The best picture they had of him was taken at Brentwood College when he was part of a sports team, so they had one copied from that.

Horace Gordon Vogler

18th October, 1913 – 8th October, 1938


4 thoughts on “My Brother Horace

  1. I can’t imagine how sad it would be to lose a sibling when you’re that young, but I know what it’s like for a parent to lose a child. As you say… you never forget. I’m glad you at least have this photo.

    • Thanks for your comment, Carol. Your visits are always appreciated, as are your comments. I think we could use a cup of tea, so I’ll put the kettle on and get some cookies out.

  2. It is sad to lose a sibling at any age but especially when you are young.Luckily it has not happened in our family as of yet and I pray we all live to a ripe old age.Like Carol said mentioned about a parent loosing a child,that I couldn’t imagine & hopefully won’t.Have a wonderful weekend Norma!

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