Hay Crew Meals

In Beaver Valley, Dad had 588 acres of land, but not all cleared. That’s a lot of property! The hay meadow was  about a mile from the house…. Too far for my dad and brothers to come home for lunch!

Mom would have a hot meal ready, and she packed it in buckets (with lids) and tied them to the saddle on my horse. I would walk, leading Barney Google, and have some lunch with them.

One day as I was taking their lunch to them, I scared up a grouse. It seemed to have a broken wing. I tried to catch it, but it kept leading me away… just far enough away to make me think I could catch it. I had to give up, or dad and my brothers would have a cold lunch.

I told them about the grouse, and they laughed at me!

Her wing wasn’t broken…  it was her way of leading me away from her nest and her young ones.

On my way back home I went to the same spot, only this time I didn’t follow her when she tried to lead me away. The babies were there, hanging up-side-down, clinging to the under side of a leaf that was hiding them. They are so smart!

If dad and the boys were working in a field closer to home I was sent out at ten and at three with tea and a treat.  Our team of horses, Dick and Baldy, would see me coming and would stop where our paths would intersect… and would not start up until they had a drink of tea (in the lid of the bucket).

After they had a drink they raised their heads and curled their upper lip way back. Funny to see!


6 thoughts on “Hay Crew Meals

  1. Good morning, Norma. I certainly enjoyed your story today – it was as good as being there. What lovely memories. And, I loved the laugh at the end when I visualized the expression of the tea drinkers! 😀
    Have a most wonderful day!

    • Good afternoon, Heather. I just came up from lunch, so we can have a cup of tea. I see Carol is here, too, so the three of us can visit! You know, Dick and Baldy would keep plowing to a point where they had figured that our paths would meet… and they were right… then they would not start up again unless they had that drink of tea! They always got it because it was so funny to watch them curl their lip!
      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment, Heather.

  2. What a wonderful story to share. I think farm children had more responsibilities than we city kids, and were probably a lot better off for having shared in the family’s work. We wouldn’t have known about a grouse’s tricks either, or ever dreamed that horses might like tea! That gave me a smile.

    • As you can see, you are in time to join Heather and me for our cup of tea. Thanks for coming, and for your comment. Those were pretty smart horses, and they did love their tea!

  3. I agree with carol that being raised on a farm you have more resposibility than city kids but although I was raised in the city I did have chores maily on the weekend whe my sisters and I went through the house cleaning it from top to bottom with Mom.During the week doing dishes and making my bed.
    How nice that you took ahot meal to your Dad & brother via your horse and surprising that they like tea.
    It is not surprising that the grouse pretended to be hurt as she was protecting her babies.
    Have a wonderful evening Norma.Keep shining my friend!

    • Hi Dianne! Just in time for tea. Thank you for dropping by. I do appreciate your visit and your comments. I was just heading off to bed, but checked out the computer one last time for the day.

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