My Gift… and More.

When I was twelve we moved back to Vancouver to a house at 6243 East Boulevard. (Kerrisdale area). Lena married Al Campbell about two weeks later, November 21, 1934. For their wedding dinner mom cooked the huge turkey gobbler that we had brought down with us…. That was the one that used to attack us…. Then they headed back to Al’s ranch in Beaver Valley.Lena VoglerMy Dad, Russell Vogler

No one had a job, and things were pretty tough. When we moved, more things had to be left behind, including our Christmas decorations.

Christmas Eve was rather bleak for a twelve year old (and my parents and two brothers.)  There was no money, so when I went to bed there was no tree, and of course, no decorations.Clendon Vogler

About 1:30 am my parents woke me and told me to come down stairs. My two brothers had bought one box of Christmas tree baubles, and one package of tinsel…. Then waited until midnight, and then they cleaned up a Christmas tree lot for a free tree. It was a big one and it stood from floor to ceiling. We carefully decorated it, and it was absolutely beautiful!Horace Vogler

For Christmas that year I opened a small package containing two handkerchiefs… and found my mother’s watch nestled inside. My brother, Horace, wanted to see it, and as I passed it to him, somehow we dropped it. For quite some time I had a watch that didn’t work. Eventually Dad took it to Grassies Jewellers and had it fixed.

As usual, I start out with one story, and then ramble off to another as my memory kicks in with more events. Please bear with me.

I remember Mama making Grandma Andrew’s Christmas cakes and selling them for one dollar a pound… and she made a bit of profit to help out. I decorated the cakes, using almond paste to make oranges, apples pears and bananas, coloured with food colouring. I piled them in the center of the cake with some leaves and they looked really nice. We put fringed cellophane paper around the outside.Sadie Vogler

I made raffle tickets… only twenty-five each time and we sold them for a dollar each. The winner of the draw could then pick the pattern and the colour of the wool and Mama would knit a dress or a suit for them. All that work for about $12.00 profit ,,, but it all helped out.

We survived!


8 thoughts on “My Gift… and More.

  1. Heartwarming stories today, Norma. Beautiful family moments. I especially enjoy reading the one about the Christmas tree. 🙂

    • Good morning Heather. The tea is ready and I even have a cookie or two. Some things I will never forget.. like my mom giving me her watch for Christmas., because there wasn’t money to buy anything.
      Thanks for coming and for your comment.

    • I poured your tea, Carol. Sit for awhile and have a chat. I do appreciate your visits and comments. Those “hard times” really made everyone appreciate their family more, I think. You cared about each other, as my brothers proved with the Christmas tree.

  2. That would certainly be a special Christmas to always remember. I can just picture you being woken up for such a nice surprise!
    I love the creativity that your family had to make some extra money during such hard times. It makes me wonder what kind of stories our grand/children will have to tell…

  3. It is late on Monday evening as I write this but I figured better late than never.
    A lovely story of how a Christmas that you thought wasn’t going to be special
    turned out to be one that stood out in your memory because you have writen
    about it.Your family always seems to come up with wonderful ways to raise extra funds
    during hard times.Thanks for haring Norma.Hopefully I will visit earlier next time & not
    miss out on a lovely cup of hot tea.

    • you didn’t miss the tea Dianne. Just going to pour a cup so please join me., The kettle is always on around here. I am so glad to have you drop by and I appreciate your comments.
      I”v e had a busy day and am about ready to call it a day. Hope to see you on Wednesday?!

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