Ice, Wood, and More.

I remember dad and my brothers cutting blocks of ice out of McCauley Lake and hauling them home. The ice was so thick that it held the weight of the team of horses (Clydesdales) and the load of ice they were hauling.

When they wanted ice they dug in under the woodpile.

I remember them cutting a hole down through the ice and fishing for ling cod. A treat for mom to cook.

There was this mountain of a woodpile out in the back yard… the product of  a lot of hard work. … cutting the trees down, hauling them home after debranching them, sawing them into lengths to fit the stove,  then splitting it to firewood size, and then it had to be carried into the house.

Wood was gathered in the winter as it was easier to drag the logs in the snow, and also because there was ploughing and planting to be done in the spring.

When I was nine years old I “shot up” and I was five foot seven. Clendon nicknamed me Lanky, which I hated.

With this spurt in my growth, none of my dresses fit me any more… and no money for a new wardrobe. I wore boy’s jeans for most of the time we lived there, which suited me fine! Every now and then a package would come from Mrs. Thrower and Mrs. Jones (two of mom’s friends who were widowed sisters who lived together) sending used clothing for us, and we were grateful to have them. I wore hand-me-downs for a few years.

Funny, back then a woman’s friends were referred to as Mrs. Whatever… never by their first names. Times have changed a lot over the years!

There I go, jumping all over the place… I hope you will bear with me!

One day my brother, Clendon, was to give me a haircut. My hair was in a “dutch boy” style, with bangs across my forehead. He took forever trying to straighten them (I thought)… until he was finished and I  looked in the mirror. He had cut them in a heart shape! Was I ever mad! He had to straighten them out, and I had very short bangs for a number of weeks.

We had a huge turkey gobbler. He was quite vicious, and you had to look out for his spurs. One day he chased my brother, Horace, and he had to hide in the chicken coop. He was there for quite a while before he got rescued.


11 thoughts on “Ice, Wood, and More.

  1. For many years my husband and I heated with wood which is a lot of work but even more so back
    in your day, You really were quite tall at 5ft.7 at only 9.How tall did you end up in your adult life?
    Tall girls run on my husband’s side as we have 2 nieces at 6 ft.
    I would have loved to see a picture of your heart shaped bangs! You were brave to let a brother cut them in the first place.I know I would never have let my brother near me with a pair of scissors!
    Thanks for the lovely cup of tea Norma.Enjoy the remainder of your day. Keep shining 🙂

    • Good morning, Dianne. Let’s start out with a cup of tea. I could sure use one! I’m pleased to have you visit and with your comment. I stayed at 5 foot seven for years… then I started to shrink.. Would you believe that I am now only 5 foot 3? I had no choice on who cut my hair. it was him or no one as we were 5 0 miles from the nearest barber!

  2. I’m enjoying your many memories (including the ‘jumping’). I suppose the woodcutting was a never-ending task… and still is for some. We use wood in two stoves at the cabin, and also have a wood-burning fireplace here at home, but of course neither is used full time.

    I’m with Dianne in thinking you were daring to let a brother cut your hair. I’d have wanted my mom to at least supervise! But since I didn’t have siblings, it wasn’t something I had to worry about. Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever having bangs either!

    • Time for a cup of tea, Carol. You are just in time. Thanks for sopping by and for your comment. I’m glad you don’ mind my “jumping” . from one thing to another. That’s how my mind works… all over the place!. Clendon was a big tease, also like to scare me with stories of the boogie man that would get me. Hiorace was just my pal.

  3. Great stories and watercolour sketch Norma! I hope you’re taking it easy and healing up over there. I guess you have no choice! Healing (virtual – easier on the injury) hugs!

    • hi Greg. Your tea is poured. even have some cookies today, so enjoy. I’m in a LOT of pain. Got a call this afternoon and the doctor wants to see me tomorrow morning…I guess to discuss the xrays. Ra will be taking me. Only thing that seems to help is a hot pad on my back, but I can’t have it on there all of the time. No fun! Thanks for your visit and comment, Greg. I do so appreciate you.

  4. Hi Norma, You gave me a good laugh picturing the heart shaped bangs! :0
    You really have to have an older brother to understand what things they can come up with – I know that my brother had his share of fun with me!
    I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy this lovely spring day.

    • Hi NOrma… yes, it’s funny now looking back, but it was not funny then! Thanks for your visit. Have a cup of tea before you go. I have to head down stairs for our supper.

  5. Hi, Norma……I so enjoyed the stories again today. I’ve been reading through the comments and I see I’m not alone. We all love to hear about simplier times. Not easier times – but simplier. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are feeling better soon!!
    PS Today was the last day I needed dressings on my foot. The very same day the last of the turkey soup disappeared. heheh

    • Hi Heather. Glad to hear your foot is getting better. Thanks for coming by and your comment. HAve to go to the doctor tomorrow morning as he “wants o talk” to me”. Guess it will be the results of the x rays they took. I hope they can give me something for the pain. Time for a cup of tea and a cookie?

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